Football facility will be ready for opening day

Football facility will be ready for opening day

Jim Fuoroli, head of facilities for the town and its schools, describes the new and improved athletic facility behind North Providence High School.

NORTH PROVIDENCE - A move to improve the football facilities at North Providence High School is rapidly progressing and will be done in time for the first home game of the season this Saturday, Oct. 19, according to town workers.

"Everyone's going to love it," promised Jim Fuoroli, superintendent of facilities for the town and schools.

Fuoroli told The Breeze that a new entryway should be done and sidewalks poured by mid-week, giving Cougar football fans improved access to the bleachers and a better overall view when they arrive for a matchup with Shea High School at 1:30 p.m. on Saturday. The team has played its first five games on the road.

A new walkway will guide patrons straight from a new entryway at the edge of the high school parking lot down one walkway to another walkway lined up parallel with the facility's concession stand. From there fans will have the option to take a right or left to walk to either end of the stands. A small ramp will replace the three steps going up to the back door of the concession stand.

The new entrance to the athletic complex is located directly behind the concession stand, which will now be the focal point of the athletic complex instead of being hidden behind the foliage.

"We're bringing it out so everyone can see it," said Fuoroli.

Town workers finished removing five large trees right behind the concession stand last week, said Fuoroli. A new roof was installed, replacing the old one that had been badly damaged by dangling branches. Squirrels took advantage of the holes in the roof to get in and cause even more damage, said Fuoroli.

All of the improvements at the Thomas F. McGovern Athletic Complex and the Lance Cpl. Matthew K. Serio Memorial Football Field will be done "real cheap," according to Fuoroli, though he's still not yet sure what the final price tag will be. The money is coming out of the North Providence Athletic Department account.

The removal of trees was paid for through the town's existing master price agreement for such work and the labor for the roof replacement was donated. The cost of paint and new flooring for the concession stand will be minimal, said Fuoroli, but will go a long way toward enhancing the impact of the dramatic makeover here.

The final piece of the puzzle at the redesigned facility will be where to put the McGovern Athletic Complex sign, said Fuoroli. There are a number of options for where it might go, he said, including the back wall of the concession stand.

Jim Fuoroli, superintendent of facilities, left, and Romeo D'Andrea, maintenance supervisor, stand where a new cement walkway was to be poured by mid-week behind the newly improved concession stand at the football fields at North Providence High School last Friday. Another walkway running parallel with the concession stand, will allow Cougar fans to easily walk to either end of the stands. (Breeze photos by Ethan Shorey)
The five trees that blanketed the concession stand at the North Providence High School football field have been removed and the roof on the facility has been replaced as part of a project to improve the game day experience for fans.
Jim Fuoroli, superintendent of facilities for the town and schools, left, inspects the line being painted by maintenance supervisor Romeo D'Andrea behind the concession stand at North Providence High School. The line marks the edge of a new walkway, which was to be installed by Wednesday.