Central Falls officials announce new trash and recycling program

Central Falls officials announce new trash and recycling program

Central Falls Mayor James Diossa speaks at Wednesday's press conference announcing a new trash and recycling program.
Drop-offs begin Monday

CENTRAL FALLS – Mayor James A. Diossa on Wednesday announced the purchase and distribution schedule of the city’s new 95-gallon gray trash carts and blue recycling carts. Beginning on Monday, July 14, city homeowners and residents will be issued two sturdy wheeled trash and recycling carts as part of an effort increase cleanliness and decrease littering throughout the city.

“This is an investment made with the consideration of our residents and another forward step for the city of Central Falls," said Diossa in a news release. "The durable plastic containers with the attached lids for trash will improve quality of life, reduce a potential rodent population in the city and will prevent littering due to high winds."

Though residents will begin receiving the new carts Monday, collection from the carts will not start until Aug. 4. The city will be moving from a three-day to a four-day trash and recycling schedule. Once residents receive their carts, they will be able to dispose of old trash and recycling bins by dropping them off at the Central Falls Department of Public Works, located at 1280 High St., during regular open office hours.

“MTG Disposal will continue working with city officials and Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corp. to educate residents of Central Falls," said Steve Mutter, special program coordinator for MTG Disposal. "We will reach out to all ages and ethnic cultures to ensure everyone understands the importance of the new program."

Back in April, the Central Falls City Council voted to approve the new contract with MTG Disposal to change the method of trash and recycling collection from the traditional method to a "cart tipper" method utilizing 95-gallon totes for both trash and recycling. The resolution was introduced by Councilor Ann Racquier of Ward 1, who serves as liaison to the public works department.

“The city aims to boost its current 24.2-percent recycling rate to 35-percent, in order to meet the recycling rate goal set by the state,” said Elaine Partridge, director of public works, who testified in support of the new contract back in April. “With a bigger push for recycling through these bigger recycling carts, we will increase the city’s recycling rate and increase revenue for the city.”

The purchase of the trash and recycling carts was done with a one-time investment of $784,800 out of the city’s capital improvement fund. They carry a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Residents who need more information should visit www.centralfallsri.us or call 401-727-7460.