Cullen encourages voters to approve Constitutional Convention

Cullen encourages voters to approve Constitutional Convention

LINCOLN - John Cullen, a candidate for the House of Representatives District 46 seat, said he encourages Rhode Island voters to vote yes this November to have a Constitutional Convention.

"This is an opportunity whereby Rhode Islanders will have the right to elect constitutional delegates that will propose changes to our Constitution that will better serve Rhode Islanders," he said.

Cullen said he believes Rhode Islanders should have a voter initiative amendment in the Constitution.

According to Cullen, a survey by Alpha Research Associates of Providence found that 59 per cent of voters in R.I. would approve voter initiative.

He said voter initiative would allow citizens to propose laws, repeal laws, or amend the state Constitution when lawmakers fail to do the job. This is done through a petition process that places a question on the ballot.

"Twenty-four states have voter initiative, including our neighbor Massachusetts," he said. "Voter initiative will give you a greater voice in your government. It will help control special interests in the General Assembly. Research has shown that states with voter initiative have a greater voter turnout and lower taxes. I would work to give you the right to vote on having voter initiative."