Thanks to those who made Armed Forces Park possible

Thanks to those who made Armed Forces Park possible

We would like to sincerely thank everyone who helped make the United Veterans Council of Woonsocket Armed Forces Park Project and the park's dedication ceremony on Veterans Day such a great success! Without the cooperation, hard work and generosity of so many people, this beautiful and fitting tribute to our veterans and current military would never have been possible.

First, we would like to thank Mayor Lisa Baldelli-Hunt, who served as an honorary chairperson of our project, and the United Veterans Council of Woonsocket for their vision and faith that a couple of Scouts could successfully lead such an ambitious undertaking. Thank you to Lt. General Reginald Centracchio (ret.), who also served as an honorary chairperson of our project and brought honor and distinction to our cause. Thank you to the Woonsocket City Council for allowing us to turn an unsightly vacant lot used for construction staging and debris into a permanent home for our city's veterans. Thank you also to Public Works Director Stephen D'Agostino for all of his support and guidance.

Next, to our major sponsors who donated money, time and materials. Your incredible generosity made this project happen. Our Gold Sponsor: Narragansett Improvement Company and City Councilman Christopher Beauchamp. Our Silver Sponsors: Adamsdale Concrete, Boyle & Fogarty Construction, Cote Landscape Construction, Rick Gentes Construction, State Reps. Stephen Casey, Michael Morin and Robert Phillips, and the members of the Woonsocket Fire Department. Our Bronze Sponsors: Blackstone Valley Irrigation, Murray Monument Company, The Valley Breeze, Valley Transportation, WOON and WNRI.

Next, our thanks goes to all those who supported the park with the purchase and sponsorship of flag poles, benches, monument markers and engraved bricks. Your support helped us to purchase the supplies we needed to make the park look beautiful. In addition, the stories that many of you shared regarding your loved ones helped us to truly understand the meaning of courage and sacrifice.

A huge thank you to our loyal volunteers, young and old, who gave up their weekends and days off, week after week, and who tirelessly worked in all types of weather to make sure that every brick was placed, every rock was removed, every shrub was planted and every mulch bed was perfect. Words alone cannot express our gratitude! Our volunteers, as well as those people who drove by with Dunkin Donuts gift cards when we were working in the snow, or who brought us lunch during a long work day, taught us the true meaning of community and showed us what can happen when good people come together for a common goal.

A special thank you goes to Captain Russell Cote and the members of the Woonsocket Fire Department, who stepped up when we needed them, finishing the brick pathway in record time, and helping to lay sod and plant shrubs. You truly are heroes of our community!

A very special thank you to City Councilman Christopher Beauchamp, who committed months of his time and talents from the start of this project to its completion. We would have been lost without your expertise, dedication and tireless hard work. You are truly the model of selfless public service, and your friendship will be cherished forever.

Finally, thank you to all who made our dedication ceremony on Veterans Day a beautiful and moving tribute. To all of our honored guests and speakers, the Woonsocket Police and Fire Honor Guard, the Woonsocket High School Jr. Air Force ROTC, WOON radio, members of the Defenders Alumni Drum & Bugle Corps, Boy Scout Troop 2, Mount St. Charles students Jonathan Blanchette and Steven Ward, the Knights of Columbus, and all the veterans and residents who attended. You all made this Veterans Day a truly special and memorable day.

We want to say thank you to everyone involved from the bottom of our hearts. You will never know the depths of our gratitude in helping to make the dream of a park honoring the sacrifices of our veterans and active military a reality.

Christopher & Jennifer Lepine


Christopher is a Life Scout and Eagle candidate with Boy Scout Troop 1, Arnold Mills, Cumberland. Jennifer is a Girl Scout with Troop 374, Cumberland. They are the twin children of Richard and Lyse Lepine.