Mayor Murray: Monastery is off the table

Mayor Murray: Monastery is off the table

CUMBERLAND - Mayor Bill Murray announced Friday afternoon he has now identified a new location for the public safety complex, and has given up on all efforts to use acreage within the Monastery Grounds.

The mayor would not identify the parcel at this time but said he will once outstanding questions about the site are resolved.

He said pursing the 525-acre Monastery would be too costly and too time-consuming.

In a statement, he said, "After meeting with my staff and legal team, I have decided to very seriously move on two (contiguous) other locations to build a safety complex on these sites and not on the Monastery. This will meet the goals that were set forth.

"My business instincts tell me that further pursuit (of the Monastery) could be very costly to our taxpayers along with wasting valuable time and energy to get this safety complex/building built. "

Additionally, he said,"the current police station is "a dangerous liability" that moving forward with another location is "the right thing for all."