There is no light at the end of this tunnel

There is no light at the end of this tunnel

Rhode Island is and will, presumably, always be my home. I'd prefer my home to be a place of pride - boast-worthy. I admit, Rhode Island is rich with physically attractive locations, a past heavy with historical events and a current vibrant arts and cultural community.

However, our weather report indicates our own personal "climate change" in the form of a dark, steadily growing cloud over Rhode Island. The cause? State government. Our elected legislature, having been ruled by the same party for generations, is overweight with members of special interest groups, career politicians, union leaders. Laws are introduced and passed reflecting the influence of their membership. Time wasted amusing themselves by debating and passing frivolous legislation, while serious topics are tabled. The people called for the possibility of a Constitutional Convention. We weren't given the opportunity by ballot to vote yea or nay.

Under that dark cloud, we have poor roads, crumbling bridges, unsafe school buildings. For state government, the remedy is easy - new tolls, new fees, new taxes (on health care premiums?). While campaigning, Gov. Raimondo often used the word "cut." Now it's "tax." Rhode Islanders are already among the most heavily taxed in the nation.

Whatever happened to the study written by Ken Block which indicated by cutting nonessential programs, millions could be saved?

Unions are not the answer. There are federal and state laws to assure the safety of the workplace and workers' rights. That leaves wages and benefits. Highly paid union leaders insure their members' dissatisfaction by manufacturing problems. Many union retirees leave R.I. for other states that don't tax pensions. Unfortunate souls without juicy pensions are "left to pay the freight."

Soon the cloud will burst. Have an umbrella handy. Due to budget constraints, the light at the end of the tunnel has been turned off.

Anthony W. Fuzek