Foolish Raven Crooked Bucket Run pairs beer and running

Foolish Raven Crooked Bucket Run pairs beer and running

Event will benefit the Dare to Dream Ranch

The Foolish Raven Crooked Bucket Run, a 13-mile charity fun run "to four of the best breweries in Rhode Island," is designed to bring together lovers of beer and running for a good cause.

Woonsocket resident Jared Barker, a "big fan" of Woonsocket's Ravenous Brewing and three Pawtucket breweries, said the Foolish Raven Crooked Bucket Run, with its fun accompanying logo, is an outgrowth of a group that runs to Ravenous Brewing every Saturday.

The Ravenous Running Team meets every Saturday at noon for a run around the city. After each run, members meet back at the brewery for some samples of great local beer. The group also meets for a run on Thursdays at 6 p.m. for those that can't make it on Saturday.

"Basically, we are a group of people who love local beer and running," said Barker.

The Foolish Raven Crooked Bucket Run, plans to start at noon on Saturday, Oct. 3, at Ravenous Brewing, 840 Cumberland Hill Road, then head 11 miles to Foolproof Brewing, on Grotto Avenue in Pawtucket, then .5 miles to Crooked Current Brewery, 560 Mineral Spring Ave., and finally 1.5 miles to the Bucket Brewery, 100 Carver St.

All of the money raised will go to the Dare to Dream Ranch in Foster, which supports military veterans and helps them adjust as civilians. There will be a donation jar at Ravenous to start the run. For more on Dare to Dream Ranch, visit .

There are Facebook groups available for both the Ravenous Brewery Running Team and the Foolish Raven Crooked Bucket Run.

Barker said he can't quite explain why so many people love combining beer and running. For him, the two go so well because they're some of his biggest passions, he said, and "nothing quenches your thirst like a good beer." Many runners choose beer over soda as the healthier beverage, he noted.

The idea for running to local breweries was born out of the popular Craft Brew Races, he said. Adding the running component erases any guilt someone might feel at the calorie intake and makes the beer taste that much better.

Barker said Dorian Rave and Chris Combs, of Ravenous Brewing, as well as the brewers in Pawtucket, have been very supportive of his idea to establish the run. Like the Rhode Island Brew Bus and other initiatives in the area, this is just another way to support a growing craft beer scene in Rhode Island, he said.

Drinking at each brewery is optional, but Barker said he expects most to partake. The first leg of the run is the longest at 11 miles, so the first round of beers will most likely be a small sample, he said, but by the time runners complete the shorter runs to the other breweries, he imagines most will be doing a full sampling.

The plan for the future, according to Barker, is to perhaps "change up the course" a little each year, adding in breweries like Trinity Brewhouse and Union Station Brewery in Providence.

The Oct. 3 run is not an official race, meaning no water stations or police escorts, and all liability is on the runner.

Four members of the Ravenous Running Team, from left, Matt Ruscher, Jared Barker, Kristyn Wujtewicz and Lynn Lambert Bouley.