Lincoln moves swiftly to tear out hidden bike facility

Lincoln moves swiftly to tear out hidden bike facility

This map shows the location of the BMX track in Lincoln that was recently torn down.

LINCOLN – Even as debate over the future of Cumberland’s BMX track was swirling these past two weeks, Lincoln employees were tearing down a newly discovered BMX track in this town.

Town Administrator T. Joseph Almond didn’t wait around for Town Council approval. Just days after a representative for the Interlocal Trust inspected and declined any insurance coverage, Almond dispatched a town crew to demolish the large track built in the woods behind the concession stand in Manville Park.

Some who turned out to protest told town officials they were also involved with the track in Cumberland.

Almond called the layout “impressive,” and like Cumberland officials said, he felt bad about the amount of work that had gone into building it.

On the other hand, he said, if enthusiasts want a track like that, they need to buy a couple of acres of land and build one.

Almond was able to swiftly address the illegal facility unencumbered by the knowledge that former officials had seemingly given it tacit approval as happened in Cumberland, observers noted.

And, the track was discovered and gone within two weeks, leaving enthusiasts little time to organize and mount the campaign that Cumberland has seen.

The BMX track in Lincoln, before it was torn down.


Besides it being illegal, tracks like these have a big effect on the animals & woodlands. From bugs to larger animals are being disturbed. Preserving what little nature we have left is vital. Its up to you to report illegal bmx tracks if you see them. Kudos to the administrator for swift rightful action.

Bmx tracks everywhere. Go pound sand.