Geraghty succumbs after two-year battle with Lyme disease

Geraghty succumbs after two-year battle with Lyme disease

CUMBERLAND – David A. Geraghty, 53, of Cumberland died on Tuesday, Dec. 22, at Coventry Center in Coventry after a two-year battle with chronic Lyme disease. The popular former assistant principal at Shea High and Tolman High in Pawtucket was married to Tara (Pryhoda) Geraghty.

Born in Central Falls, the son of the late Arthur R. and Ruth E. (Emerson) Geraghty had lived in Cumberland for 20 years and summered at his house at Roy Carpenter's Beach in Matunuck, according to his

The Breeze reported last year on Geraghty's fight with the disease and his wife's fight for a correct diagnosis.

Geraghty was the assistant principal at Tolman for the past 1 ½ years, and previously was the assistant principal at Shea for 12 ½ years. He received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Rhode Island College and his CAGS from Bridgewater State University.

Former students and family friends have flooded social media in recent days with condolences to the Geraghty family.

Geraghty was the reigning New England champion of full-contact origami. He owned four Labradors, Murphy, Seamus, Chloe and Clancy.

Besides his wife Tara, he is survived by his twin children, Brynn and Callen Geraghty of Cumberland, and many cousins. He was the brother of the late Susan Carr.

A Prayer Service for Geraghty will be celebrated on Saturday, Jan. 2 at 6 p.m. at Bellows Funeral Chapel, 160 River Road, Lincoln. Relatives and friends are invited and may call Saturday, Jan. 2 from 2-6 p.m. Please omit flowers. Make contributions in David’s memory to the Geraghty Lyme Foundation, P.O. Box 40873, Providence, RI 02940. For directions and guest book, visit


It needs to be known that Lyme disease is a man-made biological weapon gone bad. It was created on Plum Island off the coast of Lyme, CT. I was in the military at the time and know this for a fact. I am so sorry for your loss Mrs Geraghty. The US Government owns this. Please move forward with your lawsuits. You and your family deserve it.

Tara, I am so very, very sorry for your loss. As gqqser2 stated in above post, it's true...Lyme Disease is a man-made biological weapon gone awry. It was let loose from the Plum island, NY lab, off the tip of Long Island (Government run Lab 257, was a United States biological warfare research laboratory located at Fort Terry on Plum Island, New York). I can fully empathize with you, as my entire family was killed from this. My family lived on Long Island and suffered a horrible, excruciatingly painful existence for decades, until two of us died and one went insane with psychiatric Lyme. Please, please sue all those responsible: the CDC for condoning known highly inaccurate testing and criminally negligent/ impossible 'disease guidelines'...the IDSA (Infectious Disease Society of America), for providing the CDC with outrageously false data and info., the United States Government for blatant lying, the medical establishment for not honoring the Oath they took, etc.
The U.S. Government is responsible for your husband's death, as well as the medical community. They are fully aware that Lyme Disease and it's numerous co-infections are pandemic. I beg of you: Please help the millions of Lyme Disease and Co-infections sufferers by holding those responsible for your husband's totally unnecessary suffering and death. This can help others.

I grieve deeply for the loss of your loved one, as I did for all of mine. God bless.

I say we all join forces and start a large class action against the Government and force them to release the cure for lyme disease I know they have it I was infected in 1976 as a child I was about to die when a military Dr showed up with an injection that stopped it in its tracks the fever left and I was saved until I was rebitten in 1997 and have suffered hart attcks an anurisium ,brain fog and a number of other health related problems. we all know the Government can solve this problem we just need to force them to do so or we need to groom our own candidate for president down the road to bring the fight right to there front door

Please show a little respect. This isn't the place to spread conspiracy theories.


Lyme affects everyone different.Be understanding!

I am so sorry for your tremendous loss. Please know that there are many organizations fighting for the right for Lyme patients to get proper diagnosis and early treatment to prevent deaths such as David's. I will be praying for comfort for all those who feel the loss. Blessings to you all.

Aries, I would be very interested in more information about what you shared but in order to not draw away from the intention of this page, please contact me at or friend me on Facebook. I'm "Rory Hubert Kahn" on Facebook and I hope to hear from you. I am a chronic neurologic Lyme disease patient and I hunger for information. Thank you!

Regardless of its origin, Lyme disease is a treatable infection if patients are allowed access to antibiotics, but we are being denied both treatment and recognition that this is a Chronic disease. Once in the brain I believe in most patients it is their for life and cannot be eradicated, but it can be treated. *Based on brain autopsy studies by myself and Dr Alan MacDonald - post antibiotic Lyme and Alzheimer patients with live Borrelia in their brains at the time of death) See F1000 site for articles and case histories.