Lombardi suspends Nascenzi, will consolidate his position

Lombardi suspends Nascenzi, will consolidate his position

NORTH PROVIDENCE – Mayor Charles Lombardi says he’s followed Johnston Mayor Joseph Polisena’s lead and suspended Building Official Ben Nascenzi for 30 days.

Nascenzi works in North Providence only on a part-time basis when needed, said Lombardi, and is paid only when he works.

Polisena suspended Nascenzi, effective Feb. 1, as his town faces a federal lawsuit from King’s Tabernacle Church over Johnston officials’ “opposition to the church” and “racist conduct” from Nascenzi.

Nascenzi was caught on video calling the pastor of the King’s Tabernacle the “(expletive deleted) black owner” of the church.

The lawsuit challenges the town’s discriminatory zoning code, which freely permits non-religious assemblies, such as theaters and concert halls, at the church’s property but does not permit religious assembly.

According to a release last week, Polisena offered to meet and apologize to church leaders, but ultimately the town chose to retain Nascenzi and did nothing to reverse the zoning decision against the church.

Once Nascenzi returns from suspension, he likely won’t be working for North Providence for very long, said Lombardi. Longtime special projects coordinator Frank Bursi is retiring, opening the opportunity to create a new consolidated position.

Because North Providence still doesn’t have much going on with new development, the special projects role and building official position will be rolled into one before being advertised for new applicants, said the mayor. He said he expects to save money when he adds one new employee to replace the full-time Bursi and part-time Nascenzi.

Lombardi said Bursi has done a great job in many roles while working for North Providence.

Also retiring are Barbara Rossi, a veteran of the finance department, and Mary Marwell, a former assistant town clerk who most recently worked in the tax assessor’s office.

“I’m sorry to see all of them go,” said Lombardi.


Ever get the feeling that things are sinking all around us in NP, yep, you can see it everywhere. The Mayor says he is going to save money by replacing two people with one now that the two are taking their retirements. Wonder why NP is in financial trouble, NO REALITY to what is going on NOW. We are SPENDING too much today and doing NOTHING about it. How many more positions could be consolidated or contractual obligations eliminated, plenty but not by this town's administration, there is no REALITY in NP.

So once again Mayor Lombardi gets rid of people, and then consolidated many positions. The building official who works part time for No. Prov & Johnston is now suspended. Ask the people of No. Prov when they go looking for the official, they can never see him most of the time, because he doesn't show up much. Consolidating is NOT the best.