E-cigarette seller: Proposed state regulations will hurt our business, former smokers

E-cigarette seller: Proposed state regulations will hurt our business, former smokers

NORTH PROVIDENCE – State lawmakers have proposed several pieces of legislation that would be detrimental to vape shops and their customers, according to Dino Baccari, the owner of White Horse Vapor on Mineral Spring Avenue.

“Vaping” is a popular alternative to smoking that has allowed many to quit smoking cigarettes altogether and switch to e-cigarettes, getting their nicotine fix in what many believe is a much healthier way, said Baccari. If the bills were to be passed, vape stores and vapers alike would be required to travel elsewhere or potentially revert to smoking cigarettes to pay for their nicotine needs. The following bills would be harmful to the industry, according to a synopsis from Tobacco Free Rhode Island provided by Baccari.

• A bill that would impose a large wholesale tax on vapor products sold in Rhode Island.

• Bills that would prohibit all smoke-free vaping in any place of employment within the state.

• A bill that would require vapor stores in Rhode Island to post signs in their store informing customers that the use of vapor products causes heart and lung disease, cancer, stroke, and respiratory illness, all false claims, according to Baccari.

• And a bill that would require Rhode Island retailers to get cigarette licenses in order to distribute vapor products, for which a special license is already required.

Senate Majority leader Dominick Ruggerio, of District 4 in Providence and North Providence, is a co-sponsor on all four of those bills, said in a statement Monday that the conversation on vaping is a national one.

“Rhode Island is not unique in that our laws regulating smoking in the workplace, and nicotine products were written before e-cigarettes came on the market,” he said. “In many states, existing laws have been interpreted to apply to e-cigarettes. The legislation I have sponsored simply updates Rhode Island law to clarify that this would also be the case in Rhode Island. The bills place no undue burden on any Rhode Island business, but regulate e-cigarettes similar to any other nicotine product.”

Links to view all the bills are available at tobaccofree-ri.org/2016-tobacco-legislation.htm .

“It is clear that the proposed legislation against vaping would have a catastrophic impact on the vaping community if passed,” said Baccari. “Prices of vaping products would skyrocket, shops across the state would be forced to relocate or close completely, and product sales would dwindle. In turn, stores such as ours would be forced to terminate leases, employees would be dismissed, and customers would be limited to returning to harmful cigarettes or traveling out of state to fulfill their vaping needs.

In the past year, White Horse has grown from its one North Providence location to three in the area, said Baccari. If passed, the new legislation would force White Horse to relocate the business and its 17 employees to operate properly and continue to grow.

“With the passing of restrictive legislation against vaping, Rhode Island would surely lose out on an opportunity for economic stimulation and growth as the vaping community continues to thrive,” he said.


Believe it or not, let the idiots that use this stuff go at it but have them sign a release form that makes them responsible for their health in the future. Forget about new laws by the bumbling GA membership, it's a waste of time and money, then again that is what the GA does isn't it.

Dominick Ruggerio and the rest of taxacrats need another way to make up for fallen tax revenue from cigarettes..
Just list them as electronic equipment.. Let's see how they try to tax that. Oh that's right they do, but only as sales tax.
for the juice? sell them under food since that's what it is.
What makes sense is regulating the nicotine

But these politicians can't see past their way of copying someone else's stupid ideas.. None of them have a clue how to come up with a creative idea so they try to mimic another state regardless if it's was illegal or stupid.

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