RI website has same slogan as Canadian ski spot

RI website has same slogan as Canadian ski spot

Twitter users Bruce Newbury and Lou Papineau point out that a slogan used on the "what to do" page of the new www.visitrhodeisland.com is the same as one used on www.liveintremblant.com, a website for Canadian ski destination Mont-Tremblant.

The apparent lifting of the phrase is the latest in a string of issues revealed since the website launched on Tuesday, including:

• A claim that Rhode Island boasts 20 percent of the nation's historic landmarks (the actual number is 1.8 percent).

• The use of stock images for everything from bicycles to a baseball field.

• The inclusion of a chef who has died, a chef who moved to Boston, and a restaurant that has closed.

• The promotion of restaurants in Massachusetts.

• A brewery page that excludes many of the state's breweries.

A promotional video has been taken down after it was discovered that footage from Iceland was included.

On a side note, Here are some suggestions on Rhode Island's rebranding effort.


Will there be any end to the ways in which the state squanders our tax dollars?