Kallman says she’ll prioritize economic development, transparency

Kallman says she’ll prioritize economic development, transparency

PAWTUCKET – Meghan Kallman, candidate for City Council District 5, says her top two priorities if elected will be economic development and government transparency.

“Pawtucket’s downtown is a beautiful place, and prioritizing downtown and small business development will help revitalize our economy,” she said in a release. “Small businesses are the backbone of a healthy commercial life, and I will work tirelessly to help the city bolster its business climate.”

She said she worked to launch the Crash Pawtucket initiative, and to find out from constituents, neighbors, and small business owners what kinds of support they would need to help their businesses thrive. Kallman said that economic development must be fair and responsible, and must create jobs throughout the community. Rhode Island has a history of leaving the average citizen and taxpayer behind in poorly planned development schemes like “the 38 Studios disaster,” she said.

“Pawtucket has a tremendous opportunity with our new train station,” she said. “Thoughtful planning that prioritizes small business development in this new hub, blending transit and commerce options that work for everyone, will be good for Pawtucket. We need to envision a plan of economic and social development that will help us over the long term, and create a city that can thrive for decades to come.”

Kallman also says that a top priority will “be transparent, accessible, and friendly city government.”

Kallman is challenging incumbent Mary Bray in District 5, which includes parts of Oak Hill and Woodlawn.