Bella the dog recovering after owner arrested for animal cruelty

Bella the dog recovering after owner arrested for animal cruelty

SMITHFIELD - A 24-year-old Coventry man who was arrested by Smithfield Police on Sept. 30 for enticement of a child and obstructing an officer also faces an additional two counts of animal cruelty after Coventry police rescued a German Shepherd from his home last month.

Officers from Coventry and Smithfield went to a Washington Street residence on Sept. 27 to serve an arrest warrant for Dylan Harris. They found the dog inside.

“The dog was extremely emaciated and the home was in deplorable conductions full of animal feces, urine and moldy food,” said police in a release this week.

Animal control officers then responded and the dog, now named Bella, was transported to an area animal hospital for treatment. Bella’s health has improved greatly and she was up to 10 pounds at her last weigh-in, say police.

Harris is charged with unnecessary cruelty to animals and mistreatment of animals.

Harris is due back in court on Nov. 2. He will seek to have his bail reduced so he can go free prior to a scheduled pre-arraignment hearing on Dec. 19.

On Sept. 30, Smithfield police arrested Harris and charged him with enticement of a child and obstructing an officer. On Sept. 13, police had taken a report of a missing teen. Later that evening, the teen was located in Coventry by Coventry police and reunited her with her family.

Smithfield detectives learned the teen had left the Smithfield home of relatives and gotten into a vehicle driven by Harris. She told detectives that Harris had called her and convinced her to leave the state with him.

Harris told Smithfield detectives on Sept. 13 that he hadn't seen or spoken with the teen. When the teen was found in Coventry, she initially told police she had been abducted, a story Harris told her to tell officers.


The house was covered in fecies because he was in a hospital for a week or 2. He didn't have anyone to watch his dog for him and he NEVER ONCE abused or neglected his dog when he was home. As soon as he left the hospital he got arrested out of his car. He never should have been charged with this.