For older kids, a secret elf society – shhhh – keeps Santa's magic alive

For older kids, a secret elf society – shhhh – keeps Santa's magic alive

The Fellowship of Elves kit comes with a key to the society, an elf ornament, a pair of striped red socks, some history about Santa, an oath and record book for recording good deeds.

If you have little children in your life, then you know: Santa's at the forefront, filling the days leading into Christmas.

• The long lines at the mall to meet him.

• The letters carefully prepared for the North Pole.

• The discussions about chimneys and flying reindeer.

• And, of course, the cookies and milk on Christmas Eve.

It's a magical time for both child and parent.

But the years do pass, and children grow wiser. And they become eligible, suggests author Buffi Wixted of Warwick, to make the transition from receiving to the greater joy of giving, as members of the Fellowship of the Elves.

This is a secret organization dedicated to caring for Santa Claus, that was invented, she says, when her son was a 4th-grader. That was the Christmas season when he announced that he and school friends were trying to assure each other that Santa was indeed real, despite the mocking of 6th-graders.

Wixted, a high school math teacher, says she knew the time had come to let him in on the biggest secret of his young life.

Choosing to put her words into a letter, she told the young boy about all the work it takes to keep Santa's magic alive.

It's that letter that formed the basis for the Fellowship of the Elves and the book that unveils the story in gentle words that celebrate the transition with joy.

"Your parents have given Santa Claus a special place in their hearts to share with you. They have acted as your faithful elves, sharing Santa's magic with you since you were born," she wrote.

Wixted talks about it all – how they and loved ones answered children's letters and stacked special gifts beneath the trees.

She explains, "Countless elves through hundreds of years have worked tirelessly to keep Santa's magic alive and pass it on to each new generation.

"You are now ready to learn how the kindness and generosity in your heart is connected to Santa's magic," suggests the book.

And it reassures, "Do not panic; there will still be presents under the tree for you from Santa and his elves, but they will be more meaningful now that you know who really makes them appear. Your special elves will never let you down."

Joining the Fellowship of the Elves involves more than just a book to read. Wixted drew on a family tradition of collected Christmas tree ornaments that represented the family's travels and important events. She found a pewter elf ornament to mark this event in the young man's life.

The independently published book, winner of a Mom's Choice Award, can be purchased alone or with a similar ornament that's part of a kit for kids joining the secret elf society.

There's a key, too, and a pair of striped red socks to tuck into a drawer as a daily reminder.

The process also includes some history about Santa, an oath and record book for recording good deeds.

There's even a membership director, Edwin Lionel Flynn, whose initials spell, of course, Elf. It's his name that appears on the Fellowship of the Elves materials.

Wixted will be in Cumberland this Saturday, Dec. 3 at the Blackstone River Theatre's craft fair, 549 Broad St., 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

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