Blue Door Studio expands space in Smithfield move

Blue Door Studio expands space in Smithfield move

Claudia Venditto is the owner of Blue Door Studio in Smithfield. The studio provides art classes, workshops, and parties for the public. (Breeze photo by Jackie Roman)

SMITHFIELD – Claudia Venditto’s after-hours art education company, Blue Door Studio, has had a successful five-year stretch in Cranston – so successful that it has moved into a new space that is double the size.

“Once again we’ve expanded,” Venditto said. “It’s exciting, definitely.”

The new studio is located off Pleasant View Avenue in Smithfield and allows Venditto to share art with a growing clientèle. It contains a sprawling workshop, lined with easels, paintings, and color palettes. On a recent weekday children ran through the workshop’s signature blue door to begin an evening lesson.

“It’s a little surreal,” Venditto said, reflecting on how her business has grown.

She has been involved with art all her life, and even has two older sisters who are career artists.

“It was in the family,” Venditto said.

But Venditto not only loves being an artist, she loves teaching others how to become artists. She received a master’s degree from the Rhode Island School of Design in 1995 and immediately threw herself into arts education.

Each day Venditto wakes up and heads to work at Cranston High School West as an art teacher, just as she has for the past two decades. When she’s completed the school day, she runs over to Blue Door Studio.Though the hours can be long, Venditto said the commitment is worth the reward.

“I think of teaching art as a form of art itself,” Venditto said. “It’s just something I really love doing.”

Blue Door Studio provides art classes and workshops for all ages, offering both kids and adults the opportunity to learn the foundations of drawing and painting. For Venditto, the greatest validation comes from watching students advance.

“The progression is wonderful to see,” Venditto said.

She has even had several students grow throughout the program and go on to apply, and be accepted to, collegiate art programs.

Venditto also credits the success of her business to the therapeautic properties of art. The Blue Door Studio mission statement sums up that philosophy: “Art is a process, both physical and thought provoking.”

The career artist believes that art helps encourage individualization, creativity, and expression. She’s witness this growth in her own students.

“It gives them the space to explore their creativity in a unique way, but also express what’s within them,” Venditto said. “It’s what’s in the artist that comes through.”

To celebrate Blue Door Studio’s new location, Venditto is hosting a grand opening on Saturday, June 3, from 2 to 5 p.m.