Board approves money for clerk of the works

Board approves money for clerk of the works

NORTH PROVIDENCE – The North Providence Purchasing Board on Monday supported a $140,000 proposal submitted by RGB Architects to have someone from the company oversee part of the construction of a new public safety complex on Mineral Spring Avenue.

The “clerk of the works” will watch over the first phase pre-construction activities for the facility, serving as a watchdog to oversee the activities of various contractors and vendors while the grounds are made “pad ready.”

The money for the position, as with funding for the rest of the estimated $25 million to $28 million project, comes from the North Providence Police Department’s 2012 winnings from a settlement with Google. About half of the $60 million won five years ago remains, including the money earmarked for the safety complex across from North Providence High School.

The clerk of the works, who has not yet been named, has the official title of “project manager – extended construction administrator” and would ensure that work by contractors is going according to plan and schedule. Both Mayor Charles Lombardi and Chief of Police David Tikoian spoke at the meeting in support of the measure.

“I view it as more of an owner’s representative who is there on behalf of the town of North Providence to ensure things are being done correctly,” said Lombardi.

While the Purchasing Board approved the $140,000 measure to ensure funding for the position during the pre-construction phase, they tabled a similar $298,000 measure to cover the same position during the construction phase.