Lincoln man shaken as tree crashes through window

Lincoln man shaken as tree crashes through window

John Charron stands in his backyard on Front Street, in Lincoln, surveying damage caused by last Friday’s major storm, which brought heavy winds and rain. Three trees fell on his property, breaking through his kitchen window. (Breeze photo by Nicole Dotzenrod)

LINCOLN – Standing in his kitchen at 427 Front St., John Charron said he “was shaking like a leaf” when a massive oak tree crashed through the window into his home during a storm that wreaked havoc on the area last Friday.

“There was a loud bang, then the house shook and I heard the glass breaking. … I thought it was an earthquake,” Charron said.

Luckily, he was the only one home when the tree came down. It fell into the family kitchen, breaking through a window, bringing down electrical wires and damaging the garage, roof and porch in its path. Nearly 16 feet in circumference, the tree landed on top of Charron’s car, totaling it.

Christine Hull, daughter of Charron and his wife, Madeline, said, “My mother is always standing in that kitchen window by the sink. If she were home that day, this might be a different story. We’re just happy everyone is safe.”

The following day, Saturday, two pine trees uprooted and fell across the yard.

After nearly 60 years living in the home, the family had never experienced anything like the March 2 storm. The only two homes in Charron’s neighborhood to lose power from the trees going down in his yard were his home and the home behind him. Both homeowners have the same insurance company.

Heavy rain and wind caused power outages and other damage across Lincoln last Friday and Saturday. Several roads were impacted, including Great Road and Albion Road, where trees fell across the street. Among the many businesses affected, all of the restaurants at Lincoln Mall remained closed until Tuesday afternoon due to overloaded water pumps damaged in the storm.

National Grid serviced a total of 10,137 customers in Lincoln in the aftermath of the storm. As of Tuesday morning, power was restored across town. “National Grid did a good job responding to this storm. We had a quick response time and had crews showing up right away at major problems,” said Town Administrator Joe Almond. “We kept DPW crews in for two days and added an extra police shift before and after the storm. Overall, when you consider the amount of damage there was, the response was good and we were up and running fairly quickly.”