No. Smithfield sees plenty of outages, but escapes worst of storm

No. Smithfield sees plenty of outages, but escapes worst of storm

NORTH SMITHFIELD – This town was hit hard by outages from last week’s major rain and wind storm, said Town Administrator Gary Ezovski, but was “far more fortunate than many others,” according to conference calls he participated in.

At times last Friday, there were 2,000 or more National Grid customers in town without power, he said, but the energy provider “was pretty quick” at getting that number reduced to about 500 by Saturday afternoon.

By comparison, some 130,000 or more customers were impacted statewide, he said.

North Smithfield had a fair number of roads blocked by downed trees, said the administrator, but all, including a big one on Providence Pike, were cleared up fairly quickly.

Ezovski said wind damage created a large volume of material needing to be disposed of. The North Smithfield Department of Public Works was helping out by making a dumpster available at the DPW facility, located at 281 Quaker Highway. Since the focus of DPW work on Wednesday was to be ready for the Wednesday-Thursday snowstorm, staff asked that no such material be brought there on Wednesday or Thursday. DPW will continue to receive material this Friday and Saturday, March 9-10. If additional dates seem necessary, officials will make an appropriate announcement.

Though DPW personnel will not enter any private property to remove trees, or even to collect branches, workers are prepared to collect material at the curb line of a home.

Ezovski said he grows “as frustrated as anyone” when the power goes out, but there are limited solutions as long as power lines are located above ground. Some residents said that they believed more should have done to prepare for the storm, especially by cutting back trees, but he said this was not just a matter of limbs breaking, with entire trees toppling. Many trees are also on private property, he noted, and it’s difficult to predict which ones might fall.

The largest concentration of outages in North Smithfield was in the northern part of town.


Gary we pay the highest rates in the country and we just got a massive rate increase so we expect better service. I also ageree with folks ithat national greed needs to better prepare for weather issues that will happen every year.

Isn't it crazy how high they are!

Hats off to our DPW for doing an outstanding job during the past two storms.
Congrats and thanks to the entire crew!