Woman faces animal cruelty charges in Woonsocket

Woman faces animal cruelty charges in Woonsocket

WOONSOCKET – A New Bedford woman is facing 17 misdemeanor counts of unnecessary cruelty to animals after allegedly keeping dozens of animals in squalid conditions in a home at 36 Cottage St. Dead animals, including a pig and bird, were also found in the building.

Korina Ferreira, 40, was arrested March 29 after reports of animal problems at the home. A neighbor observed a dog on the roof of the home and called police. When officers arrived at the home, which was listed on the city's vacant property list, they discovered numerous dogs and chickens inside, many in cages. There was also extensive fecal matter and rotten food throughout the home and in the cages, according to the police report.

Ferreira arrived on scene while police were at the property, informing officers that she was the daughter of the former tenant. She said she had previously been arrested for animal abuse and allegedly told police, "I know I'm going to jail," according to the report. After police let dogs out of a locked room and one dog tore into a water container, Ferreira told police that there was no running water and she was delivering water to the animals on a nightly basis.

Representatives for the Rhode Island Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals were called to investigate. During a search of the home they found the decaying body of a pig on the second floor and what looked like a makeshift pigpen in the basement. All of the animals, including 17 dogs and puppies and 16 chickens, were seized.

Ferreira was arraigned in Sixth District Court on March 30, entering a plea of not guilty. She was referred to a public defender and is due for a pre-trial conference on April 16.