New Main Street restaurant will serve up classic comfort dishes

New Main Street restaurant will serve up classic comfort dishes

Eva Lanoue, owner of the Red Brick Grill, scheduled to open at 83 Main Street, said her restaurant will serve classic French-Canadian comfort dishes with a touch of Southern influence. (Breeze photo by Lauren Clem)

WOONSOCKET – A new restaurant is coming to Main Street in Woonsocket, and visitors can expect some old-fashioned French-Canadian cooking with a touch of southern twang.

Eva Lanoue, owner of the Red Brick Grill at 83 Main St., is a native of Narragansett who moved to Woonsocket after marrying city native Michael Lanoue.

Lanoue said she first learned to cook by watching her Italian stepmother and, later, her husband’s French-Canadian grandmother whip up the comfort specialties both cultures are known for.

“If I was at her house, we were cooking. It didn’t matter what I went there for,” she said of her husband’s grandmother.

A former Kirby Vacuum saleswoman who’s worked in and around restaurants since she was 13, but never as a chef, Lanoue said it has always been her dream to open her own place.

The opportunity came earlier this year when her husband, who also works for Kirby, visited the former Vino’s space to look into potentially renting it out for an office. It was during a visit to the storefront the couple realized the space would be perfect to host a restaurant once again.

“He handed me the keys and said, it’s yours, baby,” said Lanoue.

The Red Brick Grill, scheduled to open within the next few weeks, will serve homemade comfort food in a family atmosphere.

The space, which includes a bar and front windows that open to the street, needed a good deal of work when Lanoue moved in, with she and Michael doing most of it themselves, but they maintained the building’s historic moulded ceiling.

“It’s just a small little restaurant where you can come in and you just feel like family,” she said.

The food will include local classics such as fish and chips, a cold cut grinder and mother-in-law approved French meat pie but also draw on Southern cooking Lanoue picked up during a stint living in Louisiana with menu items such as firecracker chicken meatballs and smothered pork chops. And, like any good Woonsocket restaurant, the Red Brick Grill will serve dynamites.

Lanoue said her a party of two should be able to eat for $25 with drinks, with takeout available and discounts for members of the military.

On Friday and Saturday nights, the restaurant will host local bands, and a full bar will serve alcoholic beverages.

Though it’s her first venture in the food industry, Lanoue said she is excited to open the new place and hopes it will serve as a community gathering place.