Cullen running for state representative

Cullen running for state representative

LINCOLN – John J. Cullen, of Lincoln, is running for state representative in District 46, representing Lincoln and Pawtucket.

He previously ran as an independent two years ago, stating his reason for doing so was that “what was once known as a democratic party that fought for traditional and conservative values had been taken over by the so-called ‘progressive democrats’ who recruit voters by declaring that government (your taxes) will take care of everyone, while discouraging individual responsibility.”

Cullen said he’s been “on the playing field for the taxpayers for the past 40 years and never on the bench,” noting that he hopes to “work against the progressive agenda that weakens Rhode Island’s ability to achieve economic prosperity.”

Cullen opposes forced unionism and supports the pro-life agenda. He also opposes public money for a PawSox stadium deal. He said he supports school choice and the election of an inspector general to “root out public corruption.”

In addition, Cullen said he was the only candidate in the recent past who fought for Lincoln to get a share of casino table gaming revenues, and promises to again “lead the fight for Lincoln to get a five percent share of the sport book revenue that will be coming soon.”