City’s public protection classification gets upgrade

City’s public protection classification gets upgrade

PAWTUCKET – Mayor Donald Grebien and the Pawtucket Fire Department have announced that the city’s public protection classification (PPC), a rating for its preparedness and ability to fight fires, has been upgraded. The Insurance Service Office, an organization providing emergency preparedness information to insurance companies, gave Pawtucket its second best rating.

“This new rating is an important indicator that has the ability to help our residents secure a lower insurance rate,” said Grebien in a release. “I applaud the hard work of the Pawtucket Fire Department to keep our city safe.”

A PPC rating is based on a community’s ability and preparedness to fight fires, including a city’s water supply capabilities, emergency telecommunications and fire department. A community is surveyed by ISO on these factors and given a rating from 1 to 10, with 1 being the best possible rating. Pawtucket currently has a rating of 2, a classification held by 1,324 fire districts of the 45,000 districts with a PPC rating. The city’s rating improved from a 3.

North Providence is the only Rhode Island community with a Class 1 rating in the state.

Insurance companies that use ISO’s rating apply it to help determine a property’s fire insurance. A community with a better rating on the PPC scale is considered at a lower risk for loss or damage to property. This lower risk often lowers insurance rates for property owners in that community.

“I am pleased that ISO has confirmed the department’s hard work and services that we provide, as well as upgraded our rating for the benefit of our residents and property owners,” said Pawtucket Fire Chief William Sisson.