Seguí Rodríguez urges residents to vote for change

Seguí Rodríguez urges residents to vote for change

PAWTUCKET – While knocking on doors and speaking to residents, Janie Lee Seguí Rodríguez says many have expressed concern about rising rents, increases in taxes, the loss of Memorial Hospital and the PawSox, and the need to improve education in Pawtucket.

“The collective voices of residents should be amplified by those elected officials who claim to represent us,” she said. “Accountability is lacking from our elected officials.”

Seguí Rodríguez said she felt the need to run because the city needs more women and diversity on the council.

“We can’t expect change if we continue to elect the same people,” she said. “We need individuals with fresh new ideas who will be present in our community, and actively work on improving the quality of life for all Pawtucket residents.”

She said she supports Emmanuel Echevarria because his experience in government efficiency is needed on the council.