Leadership needed, not Chopmist Hill Estates

Leadership needed, not Chopmist Hill Estates

Most of us have heard the phrase “lead by example.” It represents a way for one to take action for the greater good while at the same time providing an example for others to follow. Unfortunately, the current leadership in Scituate is doing exactly the opposite. Town Council President John Mahoney is casting aside the well-founded concerns of town residents in his pursuit of personal financial gains.

I recently attended a special meeting of the Scituate Planning Commission with Mr. Mahoney’s Chopmist Hill Estates condominium development being the sole item on the agenda. Mr. Mahoney sat in the front row, surrounded by his attorney and faithful supporters, as residents expressed true fear over potential negative impacts from the project on their daily lives and property values. Mr. Mahoney showed no sense of empathy or shared concern for the citizens he claims to represent.

At its core, the issue surrounding Chopmist Hill Estates centers around one of the most basic needs of a homeowner, access to water. Our fellow residents on Chopmist Hill have been struggling with an inadequate supply of water for as far back as anyone can remember. Many residents are currently restricted in their water use. Now Mr. Mahoney wants to build an 18-unit condominium complex that will certainly worsen the already challenging water conditions. Our neighbors on Chopmist Hill are rightfully concerned that their wells will go dry depriving them access to a basic resource and severely impacting their properties values.

We should come together as a community in opposition to Mr. Mahoney’s Chopmist Hill Estates project. We have to support our fellow citizens in their time of need. It won’t be an easy task as Mr. Mahoney may end up having the support of the State of R.I. That’s because he’s designed his project to take advantage of Rhode Island’s Low and Moderate Income Housing Act.

This Act gives the state the authority to override decisions made by local zoning and planning boards. This is the same process that Paramount is using to pursue their Hope Mill project.

So let’s work together in support of our neighbors on Chopmist Hill. Let’s give Mr. Mahoney and his fellow Independent Men the motivation they apparently need to be leaders in our community not destroyers of livelihoods and property values. The Independent Men were quick to come out in opposition to the Hope Mill project. Now they should do the same for residents on Chopmist Hill.

David B. Campbell


Campbell is the Republican Party town chairman.