Steel complete, safety complex on track to open next summer

Steel complete, safety complex on track to open next summer

The North Providence Public Safety Complex is “topped off” as the final beam is hoisted into place. (Breeze photos by Charles Lawrence)

NORTH PROVIDENCE – Ahlborg Construction, the town’s contractor on a new police and fire complex being built diagonally across from North Providence High School on Mineral Spring Avenue, hosted a celebration marking placement of the last steel beam on Monday.

The symbolic ceremony signified completion of structural steel construction for the project, and Monday’s event also signified 30 percent completion of the project as a whole. 

“At this point in the project, we are still on time and on budget with scheduled completion in the summer of 2019 and a building construction cost of just over $22 million,” said Police Chief David Tikoian.

Glenn Ahlborg and his team, as well as the numerous subcontractors, RGB Architects and town officials, have all been working together to ensure the project is completed on time and, more importantly, on budget, added Tikoian.

“I can’t say enough about the (workers) on the site,” he said. “They worked through some brutal weather conditions, the heat and humidity they were confronted with, and they never missed a beat, working through some really extreme temperatures. While school districts across the state were canceling classes due to the extreme heat and humidity, the entire labor force on this project marched on and never stopped.”

A 30 percent completion mark represents some impressive work in the time since Ahlborg started construction back in June, said Tikoian.

Approximately 1 million pounds of steel has been erected, and concrete masonry work for the exterior walls is now 90 percent complete. Concrete footings and foundation work is now finished.

Reinforcing steel includes 115 tons of steel rebar and 2,400 sheets of welded wire mesh.

The site drainage system, including the 800,000-gallon underground water storage tank and filtration system, is complete and connected, according to Tikoian, all part of a job previously done by Vinagro.

The water line is also installed, tested and inspected. Storm drains, sewer lines and electrical work is also complete and inspected, he said, and primary electrical power through an underground duct bank is connected to a new power pole.

National Grid will install gas lines in November, and the building’s interior underground plumbing components are now 85 percent complete.

Town architect RGB and local officials have been working on a pair of additional bids, one for furniture, fixtures and equipment, and the other for security systems.

Adding his name to the beam is North Providence Fire Chief John Silva. Behind him are members of the North Providence Police Department waiting their turn to sign.
Mayor Charles Lombardi signs the final steel beam before it is hoisted into place atop the new public safety complex in North Providence.
North Providence Mayor Charles Lombardi speaks at a “topping off” ceremony for the new Public Safety Complex in North Providence. The ceremony celebrated the conclusion of steelwork at the site. Beside him, from left, is Glenn Ahlborg, vice president of Ahlborg Construction, general contractor for the complex, North Providence Police Chief David Tikoian and Fire Chief John Silva.