Is Ashton School expansion for us, or CVS workforce?

Is Ashton School expansion for us, or CVS workforce?

The most important thing for a parent today: Will my child get an education for the real 21st century?” I wonder about this $83 million local school bond issue (Question 5). My son is a 4th-grader at Ashton School. His homeroom does not have a desk; they live out of their back packs. Every child in elementary school should have a desk.

Many changes have come to this school. My niece went through this school system. Now she is a lawyer. She told me she had an excellent education here, but her 5-year-younger sister didn’t. Why? She said the old guard of teachers changed. Ashton School has become a Title One school. One-fifth of the pupils are coming from H1-B1, temporary work visas for CVS from India. I taught an Indian dad how to bowl at a birthday party. He told me they work for company called Tata, a global job placement system with 300,000 worldwide workers. CVS has placed about 70 of these children in Ashton School alone. Is this constant change of these children every two years pulling our children behind? What has CVS contributed? Are we building bigger schools for temporary students or our children?

My son wants to achieve a degree in Finance like his male mentor, Mr. Jeff. I was promised homework every night. Nights of no homework because the lessons are not finished. This is unacceptable. I don’t blame the teachers, they have to take classes to teach a never ending new curriculum. You’re holding back the bright ones.

It’s time to really look at what tax paying parents want and need. I see $29 million providing desks, new paint and teachers who don’t leave our system.

My boy needs an adequate education to attend college without remedial classes and so do the other children living in Cumberland.

Regina Carter