Thanks to Mayor Lombardi

Thanks to Mayor Lombardi

As a resident of North Providence, I am extremely proud of Mayor Lombardi’s persistence in pursuing legal action in an effort to demolish Dr. Anthony Farina’s dilapidated building. The collapsing building amounted to nothing more than an eyesore for anyone that drove by it. The mayor’s hallmark gritty fighting style is an asset to the taxpayers of our town.

The mayor’s battle with a stubborn local physician whose property was maintained in a deplorable state for years is just another victory for the taxpayers of North Providence. Mayor Lombardi’s leadership is unquestionable and his ability to fight for what is right is even more honorable.

As far as Dr. Farina is concerned, his failure to maintain his building in a manner that is consistent with the state building code and the audacity to paint the collapsing building in multiple colors with a caricature of the mayor is a slap in the face to all of the residents and businesses.

Keep up the good work, Mayor Lombardi.

Regina Stefano

North Providence