City not helping handicapped man

City not helping handicapped man

As a resident of Woonsocket, I continue to be in battle with the city as they denied my request to have a handicap parking spot in front of my residence. This happen last February. Because the city would not discuss the matter, I filed civil action against the city, only to have a judge deny the matter making a biased decision that I did not provide that I was handicapped!

I reached out to the City Council to again address this issue, and they are turning a blind eye to assist. Our re-elected mayor turns a blind eye also, so I have had to re-file another civil action against the city. One main issue is the city has not provided a valid reason why they are denying this request. The ADA coordinator claims the Traffic Dept. has provided reasons which is of an opinion of the Traffic Dept., and does not comply with any law, rule, or city ordnance. I have not been provided with any appeal process with the city.

I was approached after the last council meeting by a person that feels I am getting a raw deal, and stated to me (a city official) is behind this denial, which I have no proof of, but explains why there is no official reason for this denial. The city has denied my parking request to better assist me to access my personal vehicle with my scooter or wheel chair, and after the last snowfall, found several sidewalks unplowed and covered over. This is a violation of state law that requires all cities and towns to clear sidewalks of snow and ice.

So as I am hampered to get to and from my vehicle, I cannot maneuver my scooter on the city sidewalks, forcing me into the road. To go and do laundry I have to take my life into my hands hoping not to be hit. I am hopeful this time in court I will not get a biased judge and my issue will receive a fair response. I find it shameful our mayor and City Council keep turning a blind eye to a disabled citizen in need of access.

David Silvia