Holes in our history

Holes in our history

I would like to know how our history teachers failed us for so long.

We have heard plenty in the newspapers and on television about “fake news” and you can add to that our American history books about our humble beginnings.

The book I reference is titled Founding Myths: Stories that hide our patriotic past, by Ray Raphael in 2004. I was shocked to read the following:

• The picture of George Washington crossing the Delaware with someone holding the American flag – but the flag was not created until three years later. A writer wanted to romanticize our experience, but it was a false narrative.

• Also, I was shocked to learn that Betsy Ross did not make the flag, someone else did, but she got the credit.

• Another person in history that got credit but should not have is Paul Revere. On the night in question when someone had to warn the colonist’s that “The British Are Coming” was wrong. Only because someone wrote a poem called Paul Revere’s ride and a song did he get credit. That night four men were sent out in four difference directions, (realistically, how could one man reach everyone?) One got caught by the British, the second was Paul Revere who was stopped by the British and they took his horse with Revere walking and running back to Boston. Yes, Revere has the statue but a man named Mr. Dawes and another man made their destinations. Longfellow’s poem won out in the end.

Finally, there are more holes in some American history books than are in a colander/strainer for spaghetti.

Dan D’Alessio

North Providence