TOM WARD - Where is ‘Middle America?’

TOM WARD - Where is ‘Middle America?’

What ever happened to “Middle America?” Is it still out there somewhere? Those people who used common sense to come to political positions based on their experiences and knowledge, and not based on what some obviously biased professor, or news writer, or TV talking head was pontificating about?

Right now, again, we are talking in circles around immigration, and the natural question a nation’s leaders and people should ask: How many people do we want here, and who? Do we want farmers or machinists? Doctors or strawberry pickers or scientists? Do we allow them in forever, or merely for the harvest?

It seems to me these are reasonable, middle-of-the-road questions. If a laborer from Central America comes here temporarily to harvest, for instance, and has done it for a period of years and is a solid worker, it seems to me he’d become a good American. We should welcome him or her.

We allow young men and women from other countries into our universities. Many embrace the opportunity, study hard, learn deeply, and offer huge potential as new Americans, or as citizens of their own countries if they return home.

Can we “right-size” the United States? After all, we colonial “originalists” of European ancestry, mainly whites, along with African Americans, abort more than 10,000 of our own children each week, and have killed tens of millions since Roe v. Wade in 1973.

To remain an economic power, the U.S. needs a steady supply of younger workers. Many of them come from overseas, attracted by the promise of liberty and prosperity. There’s nothing new about that. Many of us have ancestors who came to the Blackstone Valley from Quebec and Ireland to work in the mills and other businesses that sprouted up to support the mill workers.

So I think most Americans agree that we need a steady flow of workers, many who will indeed “do the work we Americans (who have been here awhile) are too lazy to do.” This is sad, but true. I’ve noted it. I’ve lived it.

What drives us apart, it seems, is the cost of newcomers who come illegally. When my ancestors arrived, they were on their own. There were no welfare programs to help them along. Yes, their children began to attend schools, and they might have received some small level of first aid in an emergency, but the cost of education and hospitalization have exploded since those days.

Many years ago, a friend in nursing told me about a woman from Colombia. She was dropped by relatives in the foyer of Pawtucket Memorial Hospital, and needed Intensive Care Unit help for about two weeks. She was made healthy, and returned to Colombia. The cost of her care was estimated to be a quarter million dollars. Was the woman, a non-citizen, “entitled” to this care? Or would the money have been more “fairly” spent on a poor U.S. citizen from Pawtucket who needed help and had inadequate insurance?

Yes, we are a kind people, but is this right? Is it fair to the people – health insurance ratepayers and taxpayers – who have to pay for non-Americans? Do we owe our best health care to anyone in the world, or should we make choices?

Is it good public policy to allow a poor, single woman to cross our border, deliver a child at taxpayer expense, claim her child’s rights as an American, and then her own benefits as mother, while offering little advantage to her new country? Certainly, it is kind policy, it is generous policy. But the only way this continues is that we don’t have to pay for it. The high cost of illegal immigration (and much more) is hidden in our $22 trillion debt.

Imagine a world where we actually had to pay for all this – the extra schooling and staff, the health care, the police, judiciary, the prisons. Imagine if somebody actually met you each week and took the $5, or $7, or $10 and told you “We need this for all of the new people coming here.” Might you grow resentful if you needed the money for your own family?

I don’t know when common sense died, but I know today’s border wall debate isn’t fixing anything. As long as we don’t have to pay the bill – as politicians of both parties prefer – we’ll never solve the problem. Eventually, our debt bomb will explode and this will all end very badly.

Ward is publisher of The Valley Breeze.


So... how long should we put women in prison for an abortion? In Indiana recently they sentenced a woman to 20 years. Please look it up. (She insists it was a miscarriage. Certainly a "miscarriage of justice.") Is 20 years enough, or not? This is the future after Roe v. Wade is overturned so let's think ahead. The history before 1973 is pretty depressing, though.

Mr. Ward, you wrote, “How many people do we want here, and who?” Really hate to say it, but the LIBERALS/PROGRESSIVES are the ones who want to make those decisions.

Yes, most Americans agree that we “need a steady flow of workers” and not the lazy ones who just want to come to America just for the FREEBIES. Most of the ILLEGALS are NOT interested at all to become LEGAL, as proven by the amount of ILLEGAL ALIENS who are ALREADY in this Country.

We, in America, are a KIND people, but what's happening is that the ILLEGALS are, and have taken, ADVANTAGE of our KINDNESS.

The best part of your Editorial is as follows: Imagine if somebody actually met you each week and took the $5, or $7, or $10 and told you “We need this for all of the new people coming here.” Might you grow resentful if you needed the money for your own family? This is a GREAT point because people don't really SEE nor REALIZE how much it's COSTING them to PROVIDE all those FREEBIES!

Again, the answer to your question of “How many people do we want here, and who?” does NOT lie with us. It lies with our Government [who is supposed to represent us], and at this juncture, the Government is SHUT DOWN because of the LIBERALS who want ILLEGALS to FREELY come into America so that they can GAIN and ASSURE MORE VOTES for their PARTY.

People are NOW FED UP with giving all those FREEBIES, and they are READY FOR THE WALL! Let's hope that it happens SOON!


Neither political party has any incentive to solve the immigration issue.

Democrats want the immigration vote whether legal or illegal. "Free stuff" is their platform.

Republicans want the cheap labor, keeps American wages in check. "Fear" is their platform.

I found two points in the paper interesting. In one part of the paper, you have an article about how Cumberland doesn't have enough legally-required bus monitors. Then in this column, you wrote about some non-specific woman who gives birth in the US and then "offering little advantage to her new country". That's a pretty big assumption, no?
For people who think immigrants are lazy, get out of your bubble. Go travel. Go see what the vast, vast majority of immigrants do. The businesses they create. The work that they do. There are far more bad apples that are American citizens than are people in this country illegally.
Also, if someone does not have legal status to be in the US, the so-called "freebies" are probably not as plentiful as you think. If it really is that easy, try it out. See what you can do without your own legal status here.

You write: "you wrote about some non-specific woman who gives birth in the US and then "offering little advantage to her new country". That's a pretty big assumption, no?"
Personally, no, as I'm talking about one person among hundreds of thousands. I'm pretty sure there is one like that, and that's all I said. Don't change or extrapolate what I wrote to make your case, please.
I don't think immigrants are lazy, and didn't write that. I know better. We agree on this.
As for more native born "bad apples" than immigrants, I doubt either of us know that, and I'd expect any person or agency making that case has an agenda and is not to be trusted. I do know that violent MS-13 gang members did not rise from the suburbs of Omaha.
And, Mr. Laverty, I'm curious about your thoughts on that woman from Colombia. Should we be providing those services to non-citizens while poor Americans struggle and cannot access affordable health care? Who are our nation's limited dollars better spent on?
So I'm back to my overarching question: Do American citizens have any right to a sovereign nation and secure border, or are we to be forever living under a slow-motion invasion of people "cutting the line" to citizenship?

Ironic that we send our military to guard other nation's borders but argue about protecting our own.