Fond farewell, faithful farmer

Fond farewell, faithful farmer

This valley bid a fond farewell to a favored son, and his family bid adieu to it’s beloved patriarch last week as Edward R. Wright was laid to rest in a peaceful plot in a North Smithfield church yard. Despite the awesome success of one of Rhode Island’s – and probably New England’s – premier “farm to table” enterprises, it was evident that Ed never forgot his farmer roots as his tough and trusted bright green John Deere tractor led his funeral procession through the farm property to the church and grave site. How fitting!

His obituary highlighted his sometimes difficult life as, at only 18 years of age, he confronted the passing of his older and only brother so had to step into fill the farm boots which would carry him through – and ultimately define – his life’s journey.

His Mount St. Charles Academy education and experiences may, otherwise, have led him toward other pursuits.

And how, for the sake of his family, he made some perhaps risky decisions to discontinue home deliveries and establish a retail farm store and later a bakery. (The rest is history). Virtually every aspect of the revered Wright’s Dairy Farm and Bakery we know today is testament to Ed’s hard work and vision and his legacy continues through the work ethic, core values, and business savvy he instilled in his wonderful family and extended family who carry on.

Ed Wright possessed enviable energy and ethics, impressive business acumen, and enough kindness, respect, and humility to more than fill a silo. Interactions with him were always pleasant, respectful, and enlightening. No doubt, Ed furrowed his way to an eternity of bountiful harvests, and through God’s mercy he will be judged as having reaped far more than he has sown. May his eternal pastures be forever green, his soil forever rich, and his memory forever fond! Rest in peace, Ed.

Thomas P. Tatro