What has happened to our country?

What has happened to our country?

Beautiful America ... where are you?

What has caused our beautiful America to have changed so drastically? We all have our own opinions regarding these unconscionable changes. Here are my views. You may or may not agree.

The foremost reason for these changes is due to a lack of respect in our society. Our political environment has become so progressive that it has minimized the importance of respect towards each other, our Constitution, Christianity, or common sense. Most people recognize America’s problems, but very few have dared to verbalize their discontent, due to the fear of being chastised, being called racist ... and more.

Today, there is no such thing as sin because we now live in an anything-goes society which the progressives have initiated and continue to encourage. They intimidate and manipulate in order to dominate the people. Most people don’t even dare to mention the word sin because they fear to be viewed as being too religious! Some definitions for the word “sin” are: violate, transgress, misconduct, misbehave, evildoing, and disrespect. Wow! Surprise! The word disrespect is included in the definitions. It certainly fits this narrative.

Maybe it’s time to also resurrect the Ten Commandments and honor them as before. According to my research ... “the Capitol Building, which houses the Supreme Court, has a full frontal view of Moses and the Ten Commandments. As you enter the Supreme Court courtroom, its two huge oak doors have the Ten Commandments engraved on each lower portion of each door. There is also a display of the Ten Commandments right above where the Supreme Court judges sit.” Can you imagine how great our society would be if our politicians would promote and abide by the Ten Commandments? Well, don’t hold your breath, as most of them are too busy focusing on greed and power.

The progressives are quick to use the term “immoral” when it fits their fancy, especially when it refers to “building a wall” to prevent illegal aliens from entering our country. Do they truly care about the many sexual crimes which are being committed with children in America and our borders? Aren’t those activities immoral? Also, the most recent progressive agenda is to make full-term abortions legal – even in our own state of Rhode Island! Isn’t that immoral? Worse, it’s murder!

Believing in the Ten Commandments is viewed as being Christian, but in reality, they contain specific guidelines of how people should manage their lives, i.e., by trying to avoid wrongful conduct and to encourage respect toward people. The basic guidelines, such as: one shouldn’t kill; shouldn’t commit adultery; shouldn’t steal; shouldn’t lie; shouldn’t bear false witness against your neighbor; etc. ... should be heeded in our daily lives, as they are necessary to respect people’s rights.

Pauline M. Demers