Woodlands no place for solar farms

Woodlands no place for solar farms

The proposed solar farm in northern R.I. is expected to generate about 6.22 megawatts of power across 40 acres, which is correct since a five-acre “farm” produces approximately one megawatt of power per hour. That is only under the right conditions: clear, sunny, unobstructed daylight. They do not produce energy at night, nor do they produce when snow covered or when very cloudy days prevail. In the meantime, CO2 consuming, O2 producing trees are destroyed, along with the natural wildlife they preserve.

In contrast, the five-acre Providence power plant produces approximately 480 megawatts of power per hour, 24/7 365 days per year. A five-acre power plant is not destroying 40 acres of nature.

Solar panels become very inefficient in just a few years, are made with toxic chemicals are are HAZMAT removal when damaged or replaced.

After researching all of the facts, my household decided solar would not be financially feasible or cost efficient. How can a city or state justify a more costly, less efficient source of energy that destroys nature?

If citizens choose to have them on their homes that’s fine. But to destroy natural beauty for a less efficient source of energy and displace wildlife seems questionable.

Cathy Gignac