The Orchestra brings the music of ELO to the Stadium

The Orchestra brings the music of ELO to the Stadium

The Orchestra starring former members of Electric Light Orchestra will perform at The Stadium Theatre, 28 Monument Square, on Friday, March 15, at 8 p.m. Admission is $39, $49, $59. Tickets are available at the Stadium Theatre Box Office or by calling 401-762-4545 and online at .

WOONSOCKET – When I chatted with Eric Troyer, he wanted to know about Woonsocket. Specifically, what it meant.

When I explained its Native American origin and its translation to “Thunder Cloud,” he was appreciative.

“I love learning where words come from,” he said. Troyer is coming to the Stadium on Friday, March 15, with The Orchestra.

“We’ve got two guys from the original Electric Light Orchestra.” Troyer is one of them, having helped to start up ELO2 30 years ago.

The Orchestra was formed in 2000 after one of ELO’s founding members, Jeff Lynne, acquired the name rights to ELO and ELO2. “Jeff’s ELO is still out there,” said Troyer, “and we continued as The Orchestra.”

Troyer and his crew perform about 40 shows a year. “We just played in Israel. We’re headed to Switzerland. We’re at Epcot once a year, four nights in April. We just played in New Zealand, at a huge festival, in front of 60,000 people.”

On the day The Orchestra returns from Switzerland, they’ll head up to Woonsocket. Troyer laughed about that. “It’s not your normal routing for a tour.”

We talked a bit about ELO’s sound. “It came out of the Beatles. We’re all children of the Beatles,” said Troyer. “A tangent, throwing in strings and orchestral elements. It’s classical orchestral, very ear friendly.”

Troyer says his show will feature the hits from ELO. I asked what the top three most requested songs are from their audiences. “‘Evil Woman,’ ‘Sweet Talking Woman,’ and ‘Telephone Line,’ I guess.”

He loves that their music is enjoyed by a wide demographic. “We’ve got youngsters out there calling for the hits. It’s probably because of our music being featured in movies. It makes them aware of bands.”

On occasion, The Orchestra will appear with a local philharmonic. “We’ve played places like Carnegie Hall and the Royal Albert Hall. That’s really great.”

Troyer is 69 years old. As for the rest of The Orchestra, “we’re old. Well, the drummer is younger – he’s 40.” So does Troyer have any plans to retire? “That’s hard to say. I can’t imagine stopping now. I can’t imagine what I’d do.”

He’s been in the business for 30 years, and he is not tired. “I do other stuff, too. Musical things. I’ve been a session singer with Billy Joel, Bonnie Tyler, John Lennon. I just keep chugging along, out there playing.”

He’s got a studio in his home in Clinton, N.J. “And I’m working on a TV show. A road trip show. It could be out soon.”

Troyer gets a little philosophical thinking about retirement. “We’re musicians. There’s lots of suffering involved, but we’re doing what we chose. So why stop? If we were accountants, we’d probably be retired by now.”

The Stadium Theatre presents The Orchestra starring ELO former members on March 15. For tickets and information, call the box office at 401-762-4545 or visit .