Traffic cameras called ‘money grab’

Traffic cameras called ‘money grab’

One does not need to be an expert in public policy to realize that the City of Pawtucket’s proposal to put traffic cameras on our streets is first and foremost a money grab.

A city memo to Mayor Donald Grebien dated Dec. 13, 2017 reads in part, “the City of Pawtucket needs to ensure that there are adequate violations in order to make the Municipal court...financially viable.”

One cannot refute the inference; more revenue is needed, so more tickets must be issued. Presto, traffic cameras darken our door. Without, I may add, any definitive data that they are needed for safety.

Increase in public safety may well be a welcomed byproduct of this shakedown, but to be sure it is not the main motivation, as some officials say. It’s about money, plain and simple.

Let our public officials know we aren’t fooled.

Henry S. Kinch Jr.