Cullen: What kind of state will Rhode Island become?

Cullen: What kind of state will Rhode Island become?

A perspective on the recent Rhode Island House vote that would allow the killing of a child up to birth; aka: Birthday Abortions.

What kind of state will we become if this bill becomes law? The ocean/abortion state with license plates to match? We presently under law kill babies within the first three months of conception and now Planned Parenthood and their campaign recipients want to “codify” murder up to birth.

Our Planned Parenthood Governor says she is a Catholic by faith but will not allow her “faith” to interfere with supporting abortion since that’s “what the people want.”

A number of years ago many will remember Mary Ann Sorrentino, an avowed Catholic and a strong Planned Parenthood/abortion supporter, who was a scandal to her alleged Catholic faith. Bishop Gelineau recognized that by her abortion-supporting actions she had excommunicated herself.

I submit that Gov. Raimondo has acted in the very same way and current Bishop Tobin should acknowledge that by her very actions she has excommunicated herself from the Roman Catholic Communion.

I must say that this continued threat to human life from conception until birth is not only a faith issue for members of a faith community but a moral/ethical issue for all that do not hold a faith position.

Have we become a satanic/pagan state that does not recognize the dignity of human life from conception to birth, but rather that an unborn child is merely a commodity that can be killed by Planned Parenthood and its body parts sold to the highest bidder? Has the pagan god Baal seduced enough of our lawmakers, including my Lincoln Representative Jack Lyle, to give more protection to dogs than we give to our unborn children?

Our Divided States of America are truly in another civil war; the first one divided us between slave states and free states and after much death and pain we as a people said no to slave states and all became free states.

Now we have the civil war that divides us between pro-life states and abortion states; let us all pray, either faith-based or ethically/morally based, that our Rhode Island Senate will not put us in the column of the abortion states.

American slaves wanted freedom and they got it. American babies want to be born; let them be born.

Let us all work to be pro-life and work to repeal the plague and scourge of Roe v. Wade.

A philosopher once said – to educate a man and woman in mind and not in morals is to educate a menace to society.

John J. Cullen