Smithfield launches Good Samaritan program

Smithfield launches Good Samaritan program

SMITHFIELD – A new program in Smithfield, created by Town Council President Suzy Alba, will recognize Smithfield residents or organizations that go “above and beyond” everyday good deeds by performing acts of kindness and charity.

“We know there are great people in the town doing great things for the neighborhood. We can recognize their good work now,” Alba said.

Nominations are now open for the Smithfield Good Samaritan program. Residents can self-nominate or nominate any resident or organization who is doing good deeds in the community. Nominators must describe in 250 words or less why the individual or organization should be recognized.

Each month, a new recipient will receive a citation from the Town Council and the opportunity to speak about what they have been doing “on the record,” Alba said.

“Everyone is on board. We’re excited to see what nominations come in and spread the word about it,” she said.

Town Manager Randy Rossi and the Town Council will decide on the monthly recipient, but Alba said the program is flexible enough to have two “Good Samaritans” in a month.

“I think it’s great. There are a lot of positive things going on in town. Whether it be an individual or a business, it’s a great way to recognize the people in town,” Rossi said.

Alba said the inspiration to begin the Smithfield Good Samaritan program came from Thirsty Beaver owner Edward Brady, a Cranston town councilor, who started the program Cranston Cares in his city this year after being elected to the Cranston City Council.

“These things are happening all the time. Residents helping neighbors in need, Boy Scouts shoveling driveways for the elderly or disabled, and other community projects throughout Smithfield,” Alba said.

Though she spoke about the program during her Feb. 10 State of the Town Address, Alba and the council unanimously approved the program during the March 5 Town Council meeting. Requests for nominations began immediately, but Alba said the town has not yet received any.

The council president said she is hoping to hand out the first Good Samaritan citation at a council meeting in April.

Nomination forms are available at Town Hall and will be added to the town’s website soon, according to Alba. She said the program is free of charge.

Online nominations can be sent to .