A thank you to the North Smithfield Citizens Police Academy

A thank you to the North Smithfield Citizens Police Academy

I recently graduated from the North Smithfield Citizens Police Academy. I encourage everyone who qualifies to take these classes when offered.

It is one night a week for 10 weeks and well worth your time. You will never look at the police department the same way again. I learned that the police wear many hats.

The classes were educational, fun, interactive and you will have lots of laughs. You will also participate in things that you would not otherwise get to do.

The police department holds these classes because they believe that it is important for the citizens and the police to be bonded. They will tell you that we need each other and together we make a better and safer community.

A big thank you to Lt. Landry and Ptlm. Murray for their time to hold this academy and to all the teaching officers who were all great. Also for the ride along at the end with an officer, to see them do their job in real time. It was an experience I will not forget.

I am no longer intimidated by the police presence but see them as ordinary people doing an extraordinary job. Even though the police are in the law enforcement business, a big chunk of their time is spent just helping people in many ways.

People wonder how they can best support their police department. I feel the best way is to practice everyday to be a good citizen. It makes the department’s job easier and safer and your own neighborhood will benefit also.

Cheryl DeChristofaro

North Smithfield