Odeh Engineers proposes major addition

Odeh Engineers proposes major addition

NORTH PROVIDENCE – Odeh Engineers, a company doing business at 1223 Mineral Spring Ave., right behind the large rock outcropping near Route 146, is proposing a 3,658-square-foot addition onto its existing 9,300-square-foot building.

Building Official Mike Carnevale said he expects no problem with David and Marguerite Odeh’s request for a variance allowing the addition and outdoor terrace space. Variances needed related to special use permits, reduced setbacks, and reduced parking requirements.

Due to the fact that that abutting land is state property that will be maintained as is, said Carnevale, he expects this to pass “with flying colors.”

The new space, he said, will give the company a great view overlooking Providence.

Odeh currently does a lot of work for the town, including structural assessments of buildings.

The proposal calls for more office space, a basement utility room and an area that will allow the company to use virtual reality to help customers see the process for building.

The Zoning Board of Review will meet at 6:30 p.m. at Town Hall to review the proposal.

Town Planner David Westcott provided an April 10 advisory opinion from the Planning Board recommending approval of all requested items, saying the proposal is consistent with the town’s comprehensive plan.

The one-acre property is located adjacent to the southbound ramp off Route 146.

Odeh has requested 12 spaces of parking relief, reducing the total parking from the 52 spaces required based on floor area to the 40 spaces currently available. He told the Planning Board that he has only 26 engineers and two or three support people on staff for a total of 29 employees, so he doesn’t need the extra spaces.