Landmark Senior Breakfast focuses on whole self

Landmark Senior Breakfast focuses on whole self

Singer Manny Brando hams it up with North Smithfield resident Jackie Mowry during an uproarious rendition of “Sweet Caroline” at the May 2 Landmark Senior Breakfast. (Breeze photo by Ethan Shorey)

WOONSOCKET – So many emergency room visits could be avoided entirely if people took steps to care for each aspect of their wellness, said Dr. Thom Meredith, head of Landmark Medical Center’s Emergency Department, at the hospital’s Annual Senior Breakfast on May 2.

About 100 senior citizens turned out for the breakfast, hearing from Landmark staff including Meredith, Chairman and CEO Mike Souza, and Carolyn Kyle, director of business development, marketing, physical relations and practice administration.

Seniors were also treated to complimentary breakfast, valet parking, and entertainment by local singing legend Manny Brando at Landmark’s Christiansen Conference Center off Cass Avenue.

Meredith offered advice for living a fulfilled life, physically, emotionally and socially. He said many of the visits to the emergency department come about due to deficiencies in one or more areas of a person’s life. Addressing the emergency can be the easy part, while living a balanced life can be more difficult.

All wagon wheels come off at some point, said Meredith, and there’s no shame in asking for help in an area where one is lacking.

The eight overlapping areas that can all impact each other are emotional, financial, social, spiritual, occupational, physical, intellectual and environmental, said Meredith. A physical ailment can come about because someone is not taking care of themselves in other areas.

He noted his own fear of flying in illustrating our tendency to self-medicate instead of finding true solutions. It’s a vicious circle, he said, when someone starts out dizzy, becomes anxious, then drinks to deal with the anxiety.

Crises in the emergency room come in a wide range. For some, said Meredith, their crisis is loneliness. There are numerous ways to address this, from finding community resources to asking for help from a family member or professional, before seeking emergency help.

Staff at Landmark are all about addressing the “whole human being,” he said.

The May 2 event was held in partnership with The Prevention Coalition and the YMCA of Rhode Island.

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