Camp Nowhere pulls out of expansion plan

Camp Nowhere pulls out of expansion plan

NORTH PROVIDENCE – Owners of the Camp Nowhere restaurant have ended efforts to add an outdoor service bar and dining area at 1838 Smith St.

Officials had been considering the plan for many months, and there were multiple delays as the owners considered options, but the Town Council last week pulled the matter off the agenda after being asked by the owners to do so.

Mayor Charles Lombardi said he understands this has been a difficult situation for the owners as they try to address space needs. Camp Nowhere is already using a significant amount of town property for parking, he said, and didn’t see the prospect of adding more, at some $500 per month, worth it.

Camp Nowhere generally pulls in a younger crowd to its busy space near the town’s senior center. The restaurant had sought a seasonal expansion to help spread the capacity of 70 people between indoor and outdoor spaces. Restaurant staff have struggled to seat 70 people at once inside, with many patrons having to wait in line for 30 minutes or longer.

Building Official Mike Carnevale said for a story in April that he wanted to see a completed site plan showing that the restaurant has the needed parking spots to deal with the expansion.