Manfredi: Mayor deserves thanks for his budget efforts

Manfredi: Mayor deserves thanks for his budget efforts

I want to commend Mayor Lombardi in his efforts to rein in spending at the Mancini Senior Center.

During my tenure as an elected official and finance chairman, I once cut the center $50,000 in wasteful expenditures while the Senior Center administration fought unsuccessfully to overturn that cut in their budget. Additionally, I provided evidence that employees were paid while out of work yet they had no sick time.

I do not believe our hard-working police, firemen, administration and public works employees can secure such non-existent benefits at the expense of taxpayers. Yet, I did not have full council support to further cuts.

The mayor has successfully reduced the costs of operations at the Senior Center thus saving taxpayers a great deal of money.

The Senior Center operated with impunity during past administrations with little oversight.

Had I had the support of the majority of the council during my tenure, the town of North Providence and its taxpayers could have saved an enormous amount of money for many years.

Thank you, Mayor Lombardi, for your oversight and continuous review of the town’s budget and expenditures.

Moving forward that oversight and reduction in wasteful spending can assist in holding the tax line for our taxpayers.

Frank A. Manfredi
Former District 2 councilman
Former Finance Chairman