Rudd runs poll, but mayoral bid unlikely

Rudd runs poll, but mayoral bid unlikely

PAWTUCKET – A poll giving Facebook users a hypothetical choice for mayor between incumbent Donald Grebien and City Councilor Tim Rudd went up for about an hour last Friday, July 12, a move Rudd later said was done out of curiosity based on others asking him to run.

The District 5 councilman said it was a “very small sample” on his “Rudd for Pawtucket” page poll, with 124 votes for himself and 24 votes for Grebien.

“(I) was just curious, but more so for those that asked me to do one,” he said, noting that some have been asking him to explore the possibility of a run next year.

With his career as a Providence police officer and his family being top priorities, “it would make it extremely difficult to take on such a challenge,” Rudd said. “But you always have to leave the door open. Anything could happen.”

He said people he’s spoken with have offered a general desire for change as well as more of a focus on quality of life and public safety issues. He said they want more economic development, many fearing the potential loss of Hasbro to Providence, and aren’t happy with the “very low-performing test scores at the schools.”

Asked this week about Rudd’s poll, Grebien responded in a statement that the strength of the democratic process is that any qualified elector can run for office.

“I have always encouraged people to get involved with our government and accept that they may bring challengers forward for the office of mayor,” he said.

As a lifelong city resident and “fierce protector of our city,” said Grebien, he looks forward to presenting his record as mayor to residents.

“Whether it be saving our city from bankruptcy, overseeing tens of millions of dollars of new business development or fighting to the death to save the PawSox with the cards stacked against us, I’m proud of my record as mayor,” he said. “This administration has the passion and commitment to continue to build a better and engaged community.”

His bosses, the people of Pawtucket, will ultimately decide his future, said the mayor.

“While the challenges of the position are many, me and members of this administration are battle-tested,” he said. “We will continue to work hard daily and lead our city to a prosperous future.”


Let's put a little truth into 'The Spin Zone.' To state that 'the odds were stacked against us' relative to the stadium deal is just an outright convenient copout.

The city and Red Sox stood shoulder to shoulder in May of 2017 at Slater Mill and told us 'Pawtucket is Home' as they unveiled the first stadium proposal. We were the only game in town. Is that against the odds?

The deal died because the people of Pawtucket and Rhode Island saw through two ill conceived deals that never added up and would have eventually cost taxpayers a ton of money.

Those are the facts and all the campaign rhetoric can never change that.

As far as the recession of 2008, the people of Pawtucket deserve the credit for paying back $24 million in borrowing that paid the bills until the economy purged itself. Every state and city in our country was impacted and some, like Pawtucket, have barely recovered.

Also, Rhode Island cities and towns had to deal with the elimination of the car tax reimbursement at that time. Specifically, we lost $9 million on top of $6 million in state school aid.

It's been a long road back, but those are the facts, folks, despite what the 'Spin Zone' tells you.