Pawtucket police make arrest in cold case

Pawtucket police make arrest in cold case

PAWTUCKET – Pawtucket police have achieved a major break in their investigation into the 1988 killing of 10-year-old Christine Cole.

At a press conference Thursday, police offered more information on the overnight arrested of Joao B. Monteiro, 59, in the murder of Cole, who was last seen leaving Saints Market at 76 Slater St. on Jan. 6, 1988. Her body was discovered washed ashore in Warwick 54 days later, on Feb. 29, 1988.

Monteiro is due to be arraigned in District Court at 2 p.m. The suspect is said to have lived near Cole, but did not know her or her family.

Det. Susan Cormier said she was able to connect the murder to Monteiro through DNA and a federal database match relating to a piece of evidence.

Cole’s previously unsolved homicide was listed under the Queen of Hearts in the Rhode Island Cold Case deck. Cormier was a key person behind that effort to crack some of the state's toughest cold cases.

“She never returned home and is believed to have been abducted,” it states.

Cole had walked to the store to buy milk and clams for dinner and never returned home. She ended up buying the milk and some gumballs before heading to the now-closed seafood market for the clams.

Until now there has been little or no evidence related to what happened to Cole, who disappeared on a bitterly cold day.

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This is certainly some good news finally coming out of Pawtucket for once. I would only hope that the Breeze would not have this as the 4th story down on the Pawtucket section, this is huge news and as such should be the headline, its a 30 year old murder case of a 10 year old child that has been SOLVED!!! Coutos to the police officers and detectives that have worked on this case since it started.

It took thirty years to find this guy and now he is out on bail,what a great justice system we have.only in America.