Righteous Brothers at the Stadium Saturday

Righteous Brothers at the Stadium Saturday

The Righteous Brothers, Bucky Heard, left, and Bill Medley, will perform at the Stadium on Saturday, Aug. 10, at 8 p.m.

Bill Medley is having the time of his life. No pun intended, as that’s the title of one of his best-known songs, sung with Jennifer Warnes for the soundtrack of “Dirty Dancing.”

The ’80s were good to Medley, who performed with his partner, Bobby Hatfield, as the Righteous Brothers. “Movies like ‘Dirty Dancing,’ ‘Ghost’ and ‘Top Gun’ made our songs popular again,” said Medley recently. Songs like “Unchained Melody” and “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling” fueled a new interest in the Righteous Brothers, rekindling their career.

Medley is appearing at the Stadium Theatre in Woonsocket this Saturday, Aug. 10, with his new partner, Bucky Heard. Their show sold out at the Stadium last year, so they are back by popular demand.

Hatfield died in 2003, and Medley continued a solo career. In 2016, he saw Heard’s show, and realized “this was a guy who could do justice” to the Righteous Brothers’ sound. “Bucky has the same range as Bobby. He was influenced by Bobby. So, it was easy for him to fill in.”

There’s a bit of an age gap. Heard is 54, and Medley will be 79 in September. “Back in 1965, people said I had the voice of a 75-year-old. My body has caught up with my voice.”

The Stadium show is one of 30 or so that the pair will do this summer. “We’re in Vegas Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights, and then we head out on the road.” Usually, they will try to put a couple of weekend shows together that are close to one another. He was embarrassed that he couldn’t remember where else he would be performing this weekend. “Someone else handles that for me. Just tell me what time I need to hit the stage, and I’m fine.”

In the show, Medley says they will “do all the hits for sure. But our format is loose enough, if someone throws out a request in the audience, we’ll try it.” One thing they won’t do is “mess around with the songs” that are hits. They do their very best to stay true to them, as they are so well known. “The kind of hits we had, they are meaningful to people’s lives.”

Medley is proud to still be out there performing. “There’s not a lot of us from the ’60s still out there,” he says. He loves the shows in Las Vegas. “They are 6 o’clock shows, so we’re done by 7:15.” He calls them early bird shows.

The traveling isn’t easy. “Airports are tougher these days. I say that people aren’t paying me to do a show, they’re paying me to travel.” He used to spend his down time playing tennis or golf, but these days, “it’s just great to be home with my family, my friends, go out to dinner.” Medley makes his home in Newport Beach, California.

I asked if he’d seen Carole King’s musical, “Beautiful,” as the Righteous Brothers are included in it, briefly. “I did. I first saw it in New York. Carole King is a friend. And Barry Mann and Cynthia Wile (songwriters also featured in the musical) wrote ‘Loving Feeling.’”

So how was it to see actors on stage, portraying him and Hatfield? “They did a decent job. It’s a little difficult to capture my voice, it’s so splintered. It’s like five voices in one. Bobby had that simple tenor that’s easy to imitate.”

Back to the movie songs. I wondered if any Righteous Brothers tunes would be featured in the new “Top Gun” film. “If they’d asked, I’d have said yes. I think it would be cute to work ‘Loving Feeling’ into the new ‘Top Gun,’” he said.

The Righteous Brothers appear at the Stadium Theatre in Woonsocket on Saturday, Aug. 10, at 8 p.m. For tickets and information, call the box office at 401-762-4545 or visit www.stadiumtheatre.com .