Mutter: Town expanding scope of probe on Crestwood Court flooding

Mutter: Town expanding scope of probe on Crestwood Court flooding

CUMBERLAND – There’s certainly a blockage in Crestwood Court’s drainage pipe, says Mayor Jeff Mutter, but after a Breeze story two weeks ago on flooding problems there, the mayor has now asked Sewer Supt. David Carr to expand the scope of an original inspection.

A pipe camera inspection last month was originally limited to the straightaway area of the street near residents Marian Champagne and Arlene Smith, but after reading in the story that Eni and Donald Desmond, around the circular portion of the road at 108 Crestwood, had experienced the flooding for the first time, a company will now come back to inspect the pipe in that section of the road.

Mutter said he watched the video of the first inspection and “there’s definitely something there,” though it’s not clear what the obstructions are. Carr had previously speculated that roots grew through the drainage pipe under the road, collapsing it.

“We’re going to end up having to dig up that road, we might as well get the full story on that,” said Mutter.

The mayor’s brother, Fred Mutter, lives two doors down and across the street from the Desmonds, at 115 Crestwood.

In a story two weeks ago, residents who said they’d never been flooded before told stories of spring basement floods causing tens of thousands of dollars in damage. They blamed numerous factors, including blocked drainage pipes, increasing construction around them, and the Diamond Hill roundabout construction work.

The blockage found in the first inspection was to the right of Smith’s home at 56 Crestwood Court.

“There’s definitely something there. What it is, I don’t know,” said Mutter. “I don’t see how that would have affected the other side.”