Zuck: Trash concerns are not ‘wild’ complaints

Zuck: Trash concerns are not ‘wild’ complaints

I would like to add my voice to the growing chorus of Cumberland residents frustrated with our new garbage bins.

While Public Works Director Bob Anderson is correct that “there are no holes going through the cover or body of this cart,” a close inspection of the bin reveals that – while the cover is correctly in place, not warped and not askew – I am able to poke my finger underneath the hinge and through a gap into the barrel. (Try it yourself before calling me crazy.) It is here that air and odors are allowed to escape, thereby attracting flies and leading to the maggots that I found in my bin within the first week.

This despite carefully bagging and tying all of my trash – the same way I’ve bagged and tied it for the past eight years, with no evidence of flies or maggots until now.

I am frustrated that this issue wasn’t noticed from the start, and frustrated that town officials seem to be dismissing these as “wild” complaints.

Bill Zuck