Lombardi leaning toward tri-clock for Centredale roundabout

Lombardi leaning toward tri-clock for Centredale roundabout

Mayor Charles Lombardi says he wants to put a tri-clock in the center of the CENTREDALE ROUNDABOUT, pictured here from the air. (Photo courtesy of Google Earth)

NORTH PROVIDENCE – A new 27-page report by the North Providence Historic District Commission lays out recommendations for what to do – and not to do – with the center of Centredale’s roundabout.

Mayor Charles Lombardi now says he’ll go along with the commission’s main contention that officials should not move the World War I monument currently on the outside of the roundabout to the center of the roundabout.

Instead, says the mayor, he’s now planning installation of a tri-clock, with three faces on it, to be placed at this intersection of Smith Street, Woonasquatucket Avenue and the Centredale bypass.

“It seems like it will fit the bill there,” he said.

Though Lombardi isn’t sure he has to get permission from the group before moving ahead with beautification of Centredale’s traffic circulator, including a clock, “I’d rather work with them than debate.” He said commissioners made some good points.

The clock, which was one of several recommendations of the commission, would be surrounded by a low wall, greenery and flowers, said Lombardi, addressing concerns from commission members that anything installed here not obscure the view of motorists and cause a safety hazard.

The original plan had been to move the World War I statue to the center of the roundabout, but commission members were adamant about keeping the monument where it is as a historical resource. The commission sent Lombardi its report on the roundabout after its meeting Aug. 6.

“We look forward to reviewing the proposed selections,” said Chairwoman Ruth Bucci. She said the commission sees landscaping as important to the overall look of the roundabout and Centredale area.

Bucci said commissioners believe they have the power to oversee changes to this historic district, even though the historic statue is no longer under consideration to be moved. She could not point to specific language in town bylaws giving the commission that authority.

According to the conclusion of the commission’s report, “the choice of what to place in the roundabout center should be in keeping with and enhance the surrounding historical area as we preserve our valuable historic structures.”

Part of what went into the recommendation to keep the monument where it is and not move it to the center of the roundabout was that people would no longer be able to read the inscription on it, said Bucci. Having a large structure such as this would also reduce visibility and create a hazard, she said.

The report outlines a number of issues with plantings in roundabouts around the world, including with rose bushes and trees interfering with sight lines at a roundabout in Australia. In keeping with the U.S. Department of Transportation, trees are considered hazards and are to be avoided, it states.

Commission member Rui Almeida said elements in the roundabout should be vertical in nature to help orient drivers. Anything used should be low maintenance, he said, and lighting is also essential for safety and maneuverability.

Members cited the example of the Civil War monument inside the roundabout at Fruit Hill Avenue and Olney Avenue as an example of one that loses some of its significance based on its location. Having it in the center of the roundabout makes it difficult and unsafe for pedestrians to get close to it to read about soldiers and sailors from North Providence who died in the war.


Whom ever thought of the bright idea of putting "ROUND-ABOUTS all over the State should have their head examined !
They DO NOT WORK ! No one in this State has a clue on how to use them ! Just like the Clown that thought of putting them everywhere ! Just look at the one in Chepatchet....it is so small that a tractor trailer CANNOT go around it with out going over the center island ! ALL of the YIELD signs have been sheered of at least 3 or more times since this debacal has been put into service ! How much money are we saving every tear by putting up new signage 3 , 4, 5. or even 6 times a year ! Great move there RIDOT ! Keep up the great work ! You and the Gov. go GREAT together !

These are the most dangerous " Improvements" that have ever been implemented. Nobody is quite sure how to navigate them so they close their eyes and hope for the best. They are not very high and are very hard to see because of their color. I was taken down last week in Warwick by these idiotic roundabouts on my bike. PLEASE...DONT DO IT. THEY ARE USELESS

He rather work with them than debate, or dictate. That's different

To be clear, the roundabout itself has been there for a long time.

They are dangerous! Given the fact that they have these mini curbs that are about two inches high and the coloring is not distintive. Put into the mix people on their damn cell phones trying to figure out if they should go or stop or answer their text. Disastrous and I'm grateful all I broke was my mirror on my bike after hitting the little curb to avoid someone not yielding.

Runabouts are way safer, many of studies have proven that!

HA ! You must either DO not drive or You WORK for the STATE ! HA !