Radio host Dionne apologizes for saying he's a white nationalist

Radio host Dionne apologizes for saying he's a white nationalist

WOONSOCKET – A local radio host has apologized after on-air comments that he considers himself a “white nationalist” drew heavy criticism.

John Dionne, host of “The John Dionne Show” on WNRI station, told listeners Monday that sees a white nationalist as someone “who’s proud to be an American.” His comments were made during a discussion of the 2017 “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, and President Donald Trump’s response.

“The people who are defending – in the article they call them the white nationalists. Well, I would consider myself a white nationalist,” said Dionne. “I consider a white nationalist as somebody who’s proud to be an American. Proud of our country’s heritage. That’s what a nationalist is. Proud of America. It doesn’t mean that I would fight and say some of the things that other people would be saying.”

The comments prompted sharp responses from residents and listeners this week after recordings of the show were shared on social media. Councilor-elect Alexander Kithes has requested that the station make a statement explicitly denouncing white nationalism.

On Wednesday, Dionne emailed a statement to media outlets apologizing for the comments, claiming he was not aware of the negative definition of the term when he used it.

“Let me make it clear that I have never used that term before in my life and am not today or ever been a white nationalist as defined in the definition,” he said. “I made that statement at 3:15 p.m. of my show and did not receive one call or email on the subject or statement from anyone. Had I received one and the true definition, I would have corrected it immediately. I deeply apologize to WNRI, and to my listeners, for this mistake that I made.”


I'm not buying it. He was talking about the "Unite the Right" rally in Charlottesville when he declared himself a white nationalist. There is no way he didn't know what the term meant when he used it. There's no way someone could be aware of the Charlottesville rally and not know what a white nationalist is.

Either he is incredibly ignorant not to understand the severity of what 'White Nationalism' is, or he is a coward who admitted his hatred and then tried to walk it back under the excuse of ignorance. I am not a dog if I change the definition of dog in conversation. Standing with hatred and ignorance is the antithesis of American culture, no matter what politicians may be in power.

There were 3 groups at the rally. one to save the Robert E Lee Statue,one against, and third the Antifa group. The President said there was good people on both sides, but made it clear he was not talking about Antifa. Daily on my show I talk about the crazy hateful groups like ANTIFA so why would I support their cause at the rally. I clearly defined in my comments my understanding of the White Nationalist is, which was not correct according to the new definition. That is the TRUTH. But, you have a right to your opinion. John R Dionne

Not true.

Rather than cave to the Liberal's play on words, look for an alternative. Sane people know what John meant by his comments regarding he being a White Nationalist. Nobody is more patriotic and American than John.

To eliminate any questions in the future, refer to your loyalty to this country as "AMERICAN NATIONALIST" Let's see how they (Liberal Wingnuts) turn that into something racist.

You can be "patriotic and American" and also be a White Nationalist. Right?

WAKE UP, Woonsocket, before it's too late! The attacks on Mr. Dionne are/were a personal TARGET for the Progressives to ALLOW them to more easily and better EXPOSE their PROGRESSIVE AGENDA! It was a very smart MOVE on their part because by attacking Mr. Dionne's talk-show, they were able to reach various NEWSPAPERS and the SOCIAL MEDIA!

The special election which was recently held in our City caused it to raise many progressive and racial issues. SADLY, many people no longer realize nor appreciate some of the “FREEDOM RIGHTS” which our Country provides us, one of which is the “RIGHT TO VOTE”. To begin with, people who don't vote have no right to complain about its outcome; however, they are the ones who usually 'SOUND OFF' the most!

The two candidates in the final election were one Conservative candidate [Roger Jalette] and one Progressive candidate [Alex Kithes], both of whom CLEARLY expressed their personal political views. There was also another distinctive “TAG” between these two candidates which was their ages—Mr. Jalette being a senior and Mr. Kithes being the more youthful one. This factor was used extensively by each candidate to express their differences—Mr. Jalette, regarding the importance of experience, and—Mr. Kithes, regarding the need for future changes and younger ideas.

Let's face it...many, if not most, people aren't interested in politics, especially these days where there is so much turmoil—thus a reason for their believing that their votes are not that important and don't count! It is said that “ignorance is bliss.” For those who don't know the meaning of “BLISS” and who prefer to remain ignorant, “BLISS” means that you are on CLOUD NINE! There is another appropriate saying for this status... “Ignoring the facts does not change the facts!” The Progressives won't go away just because they are IGNORED because it causes them to SEEK more attention.

Those people who do keep up with the 'politics of the day', especially National Politics, easily recognize and understand the Progressives' Agenda which is to slowly “ROB us of our freedom rights and to CONTROL us”! They first attempt to do so with VERBAL ATTACKS. While doing so, they try to OUT-TALK their foes, won't answer DIRECT questions, and ATTACK your views/beliefs as being RACIST! They PREACH a good game, but DON'T PLAY it themselves. The Progressives are an ELITE group, i. e., their leaders “live the life of Riley”, but won't allow their followers to do the same. They want their followers to be SUBMISSIVE to them.

The Progressives also don't believe in the “RULE OF LAW”--as proven by their wanting to change the CONSTITUTION to serve their own needs and beliefs! They are consistently involved in public violence [unruly mobs] against the Conservatives and use them as a reason for their protests. For those people who “don't keep up with the politics of the day” in Rhode Island, it's time to wake up because as noted by this special election, the Progressives are SLOWLY, but SURELY, bearing down upon our CITY and STATE!

The Progressives claim to be so “loving, caring and sensitive”, but yet one of their philosophies is believing in “FULLL-TERM ABORTIONS”, which is KILLING a baby just prior to its being born or immediately thereafter! In plain English, this is MURDER! Where is the “LOVING, CARING, and SENSITIVITY” in MURDER? Oh! Of course, the Progressives will claim that abortion is a “woman's right to choose!” A woman has NO RIGHT to CHOOSE or COMMIT MURDER...period!

In short, and the main point of this writing is to alert the Woonsocket residents, et al, of how important it is to keep abreast of the 'politics of the day' and to VOTE accordingly. One doesn't have to get directly involved in politics, but he/she should, at least, be AWARE, CONCERNED, and RESPONSIBLE for the FUTURE WELFARE of his/her city, its CHILDREN, and upcoming voters.

The Progressives' agenda is a very DANGEROUS one, and our City residents must PROTECT themselves from its DEVIOUS and DECEITFUL TACTICS.



It's not a "play on words" to use the actual definition for a term. What's a play on words is to talk about the Unite the Right rally, to know specifically that it was a protest about the Robert E Lee statue, to know that there were "neo-nazis, white nationalists" there, to use Trump's term when he lumped the two together, but to not know that a white nationalist is a racist? That's not something that is believable.

Trump explains it in this video:

It's quite clear to him at the time that neo-nazis are white nationalists. I don't find it believable that someone can be as in tune with that rally and not know what a white nationalist is. The definition has not changed, Trump himself used it quite clearly in the video. The "apology" to others is what you get when someone starts getting calls from sponsors and then feign ignorance.

How can anyone defend or justify these comments?

You go, John!

I have to agree with John. Words, and their definitions are important. I believe John used the proper words in his statement, after all, he is white. He loves his Country, he is a Nationalist. AND this was done in the context of a Charlottesville discussion. I'm a white nationalist. I'm white. I love my Country. I believe the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution and the underlying principles supporting these two documents to be sacred, and to be followed, not only in our National life, but our personal lives as well.Comprehension and context are becoming a lost art, John. We seem to be changing definitions of words on the fly now, racist for example. A good descriptive word, whose definition has changed over the last decade or so, frome inappropriate usage and overuse, from a person who believes their race was superior, to meaning one who disagrees with a liberal. Well, if this is the new meaning then, I think we need to come up with a new word for someone who truly thinks their race is superior, yes? No apology was necessary John, those with common sense, who LISTEN, understood perfectly well what you said.

Let's have some fun with Dionne's admissions....courtesy of definition by Southern Poverty Law Center, quote, as follows: White Nationalist ... "are disadvantaged because, on average, they cannot compete with white men, who are intellectually, psychologically and morally superior". Have a great day!!!

These days, many words are changed especially by politicians to EUPHEMISMS to either "sound good" or to make specific political impressions.

We also know and realize that people will accept research definitions which suit them the best; however, there ARE some definitions which are plain and simple enough to be accepted by everyone. The following definitions clearly describe the meaning of EACH word above! Hence, it is quite understandable that Mr. Dionne would have been under certain impressions regarding these two words! Please read on.....

"The Difference Between 'Patriotism' and 'Nationalism'
Although treated as synonyms, there is a distinction. But it's more complicated than "'patriotism' good; 'nationalism' bad."

One of the many difficulties inherent in creating a dictionary that accurately reflects the language of any large group of people is that these people may not all view certain words and values as equal. Nationalism and patriotism present us with an appropriately problematic pair with which to illustrate this. Are these words synonymous? Is one an insult, and the other not? Can either of them mean different things to different people?

Let’s take a few minutes to go over the respective histories of these two words to see where and when they shared meaning and in what senses they have drifted apart.
Patriotism is the older of the two words, with published written evidence dating back to the middle of the 17th century. Patriotism came from adding the suffix of -ism to the existing word patriot, which itself came into English from the French patriote, and may be traced back further to the Greek word patrios (“of one’s father”).

We do not have any evidence of nationalism occurring until just before the 19th century, almost a hundred and fifty years after patriotism. And in its early use, from the end of the 18th century onward for a number of decades, nationalism appears to have been largely interchangeable with patriotism, with both words primarily being used to refer to a general love of one’s country.

These two words may have shared a distinct sense in the 19th century, but they appear to have grown apart since. Or rather, it would be more accurate to say that only nationalism has grown apart, since the meaning of patriotism has remained largely unchanged. There are still obvious areas of overlap: we define patriotism as “love for or devotion to one’s country” and nationalism in part as “loyalty and devotion to a nation.” But the definition of nationalism also includes “exalting one nation above all others and placing primary emphasis on promotion of its culture and interests as opposed to those of other nations or supranational groups.” This exclusionary aspect is not shared by patriotism.

A somewhat subtler difference between the two words may be found in their modifiers and the ideas to which each is connected. When we examine large bodies of recent text we see that patriotism is more often used in a general sense, often in conjunction with such words as bravery, valor, duty, and devotion. Nationalism, however, tends to find itself modified by specific movements, most frequently of a political bent.


This is the new, and only way Republicans win elections lately. Lowly educated conservatives who never voted, now do. Spreading hate through words, and secret code, to advance your agenda of eradicating the middle class. Republicans are destroying this country, so it`s WAKE UP time alright. Time to wake up and educate yourself, time to wake up and vote all Republicans out of office!

Agreed, when a party assigns itself to hate as a way to hold onto power you get people aligning themselves with this evil and claiming both ignorance and free speech when challenged. John knew exactly what he was doing.

Apparently, Mr. or Ms. “wrilander”, this response is to a Far Left Liberal, as denoted by your comments. What has ever happened to the DEMOCRATS who were more 'refined' regarding their VIEWS?

It's very easy to SPEW certain words without having any PROOF, whatsoever, that those certain words are valid enough to FIT a topic-at-hand. That being said, please be MORE SPECIFIC, Mr. or Ms. “wrilander” regarding the FOLLOWING questions and/or comments [related to your response] because it is/would be very important for Republicans to TRY to understand your exact personal views. Please read on.........

~ Exactly what is the “NEW AND ONLY WAY” that Republicans have won elections lately?
~ Exactly which “ELECTIONS” have the Republicans won LATELY---state-wise and nationally?
~ Exactly where did you get your information that “Lowly educated conservatives who NEVER VOTED, NOW DO”?
~ Exactly which WORDS and SECRET CODE have Republicans used to “SPREAD HATE”, and specifically WHAT HATE?
~ Exactly WHERE did you get any information that the Republican's “AGENDA” was to “ERADICATE THE MIDDLE CLASS?”
~ Exactly what EXAMPLES and/or PROOF that it's the REPUBLICANS and not the RADICAL LEFT who are “DESTROYING THIS COUNTRY”?

Yes, it is.....time to wake up and educate yourself to be able to vote the RADICAL LEFT vs. the REPUBLICANS out of office........this statement is being made by an EDUCATED REPUBLICAN!

Education is fine, but COMMON SENSE is even BETTER----although it's not so common these days! Some of the most HIGHLY EDUCATED people have made the MOST SPECTACULAR


Mr. Kithes and his campaign minions are now imitating advertisers and sponsors of The John Dione show by threatening to "Boycott" their business if they continue to Advertise on his program. Over the past several years, city elected officials have been working overtime to help and promote small business in the city. Now an elected "Newbie" rides in and thinks he can run the city by holding 1/7th controlling interest!

Mr. Kithes should tread lightly, a RECALL Election could be in his future. In the mean time, an ethics complaint is being drafted with the support of all current John Dione Sponsors.

I predict Mr. Kithes' first Counsel meeting will be a nightmare for him as many Woonsocket citizens will address his antics and previous uneducated, unsubstantiated statements made during the election.